The 2023 Dia de Muertos event is adding a brand-new costumed Cubone to Pokemon GO, and it is wearing a bright orange Cempasuchil Crown.

Pokemon GO celebrates the Mexican Day of the Dead festival every year, and part of this celebration is giving a popular Pokemon a crown made from bright orange flowers.

Fortunately, catching the new costumed Cubone wearing a Cempasuchil Crown is pretty easy!

Every Way to Catch Cempasuchil Crown Costume Cubone

There are four ways to get the Cempasuchil Crown-wearing costumed Cubone in the 2023 Pokemon GO Dia de Muertos event:

  1. Find one in the wild
  2. Attract one using an Incense or Lure Module
  3. Win a 1-Star Cubone Raid
  4. Complete the Make 3 Great Curveball Throws in a Row Field Research Task

As it is a rare spawn and rare Incense encounter, it may be tough getting this costumed Cubone with the first two methods. Therefore, we suggest defeating it in a Raid or completing the Field Research Task, as they both guarantee an encounter with the Day of the Dead Cubone.

Cempasuchil Crown Cubone Pokemon GO Pokedex

No matter which method you choose to catch Cempasuchil Crown Cubone, it is only available until 8 PM local time on November 2, 2023. This is when this year’s Dia de Muertos event ends.

However, there is a good chance that this costumed Cubone will return in the 2024 Day of the Dead celebrations, just like the costumed Duskull did this year.

Can Cempasuchil Crown Cubone Be Shiny?

Yes, Cubone wearing a Cempasuchil Crown can be shiny in Pokemon GO, but the odds of finding a shiny one are very low.

Cubone’s shiny rate in Pokemon GO is 0.2%, or 1 in 500. Therefore, on average, you’ll need to encounter around 500 of them before you find the green-colored shiny version.

Normal and Shiny Cempasuchil Crown Cubone Pokemon GO
Cempasuchil Crown Cubone (left) and shiny Cempasuchil Crown Cubone (right)

How to Get Cempasuchil Crown Marowak

The only way to get Marowak wearing a Cempasuchil Crown in Pokemon GO is by evolving a Cempasuchil Crown Cubone. This is because it does not spawn in the wild and cannot be earned from Research or Raid Battles.

To evolve this costumed Cubone into the crown-wearing Marowak, you need 50 Cubone Candy.

Cempasuchil Crown Cubone and Marowak in Pokemon GO
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