Carbink, the Jewel Pokemon, has finally made its Pokemon GO debut, and every trainer wants to add it to their Pokedex.

While Carbink was initially locked behind a paywall, it is now available for all Pokemon trainers during the 2023 GO Fest: Global event. What’s more, there are four different ways of catching one!

How to Get Carbink in Pokemon GO

There are four ways to catch Carbink during 2023 Pokemon GO Fest: Global:

While free-to-play Pokemon trainers can only catch Carbink through two of these methods, this Pokemon will be readily available for everyone.

Carbink Pokemon GO Fest 2023

2-Star Carbink Raids and the Carbink Field Research Tasks will be active throughout the whole 2023 GO Fest: Global event. This is from 10 AM – 6 PM local time on August 26 and 27, giving players plenty of chances to get Carbink.

Meanwhile, players who purchased a ticket for GO Fest 2023 can earn an additional Carbink encounter through the Fascinating Facets Special Research. Also, they can exclusively attract Carbink using Incense.

While Carbink is free for everyone, GO Fest 2023 also has a new Pokemon that is exclusive for ticket holders. If you want to catch Diancie in Pokemon GO too, you’ll have to purchase a GO Fest 2023 Ticket!

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