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How to Get Bugsnax for Free on PlayStation 5

It’s possible to get the new PS5 game Bugsnax for free right after the console’s launch!

In a new treat for PS5 owners, Astro’s Playroom isn’t the only free game being given to players at launch. Besides the in-built controller demo title, PS5 players can now get indie adventure game Bugsnax for free too.

The quirky title allows players to eat the delicious food-based creatures found in their environments to gain new abilities. Eating the ‘Bugsnax’ that players catch in the wild will directly transform your body parts.

By helping the villagers of Snaxburg with their requests, the small community will once again flourish. And you can do this all without spending any money.

How to Get Bugsnax for Free on PS5

Yes, it’s possible to get Bugsnax for free on PS5, but only to those who are quick on the draw. And by that, we mean that you’ll need to get possession of a PS5 sometime before January 4.

As it turns out, developer Young Horses is bringing Bugsnax to PlayStation Plus members for free this November! On the PS5’s launch day, simply head to the PlayStation Store to download the highly-anticipated title.

Soon you’ll be consuming half-bugs, half-snacks, and exploring Snaktooth Island – without having spent a penny! Those who want to can now also pre-order the game for both PS4 and PS5.

Despite Bugsnax coming to PlayStation 4 as well as the upcoming next-gen console, PS4 fans aren’t able to claim the title for free. It seems that only PlayStation 5 users can get access for free prior to January 4.

More PlayStation Games for Free!

However, those who aren’t able to be an early adopter for the PS5 can still enjoy the PS Plus games for November. This includes Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and Hollowknight: Voidheart Edition.

Interestingly, PlayStation is delivering some pretty critically-acclaimed titles this November. Perhaps this is an effort to start the PS5 launch with their best foot forward; else, it could be an attempt to make up for the fact that Bugsnax is not available for free to PS4 fans.

This isn’t the only game that PS5 players will be getting for free on PS Plus, of course. Shortly after Bugsnax leaves the free offer, it will be replaced by another highly-anticipated title.

Destruction AllStars is no longer a PS5 launch title, but the game will be coming to PS Plus subscribers next year. The party title will make a perfect complement to the single-player Bugsnax in players’ game libraries.

And for those players who are yet to get hold of a PS5 but want a shot a getting Bugsnax for free, you’re in luck. Here’s how Best Buy will be selling the PS5 on launch day.