If you want to take on the BB League Elite Four or upgrade your Club Room, you’ll need to get some BP in The Indigo Disk, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s new DLC.

BP is a new form of currency that’s exclusive to The Indigo Disk, and it’s something that players can earn throughout their adventures in the Terarium.

Thankfully, getting your hands on these points is quick and easy.

How to Get BP

To earn BP, players need to complete Blueberry Quests (or BBQs for short). To bring up your list of available BBQs, press the Right directional button.

How to Get BP using BBQs in Pokemon Scarlet Violet

You can then see three available quests to complete, and the BP rewards for completing each one.

If you don’t like one of your BBQs, you can change it by hitting the A button. However, you’ll need to spend 10 BP to switch the Blueberry Quest out for another one – and there’s no guarantee that you’ll like your new quest either!

After completing 10 BBQs, players will get a special bonus red Blueberry Quest which grants 100 BP upon completion. However, if you want to swap this one out, it’ll cost a whopping 50 BP!

Red BBQ Quest in Scarlet & Violet

How to Use BP

BP can be used for several things in The Indigo Disk, including:

  • Taking on Elite Trials
  • Supporting the League Club
  • Purchasing food at the Cafeteria
  • Buying items at the School Store

BP is most commonly used to challenge the Elite Trials, which are tasks you need to complete before taking on the BB League Elite Four.

Paying BP to Access Elite Trial Pokemon Scarlet Violet The Indigo Disk

Another use for the currency is upgrading the League Club Room. This can be done at the computer in your Club.

By spending BP at the League Club computer, you can unlock new throwing styles for your Poke Balls, upgrade your Camera, remodel the Club Room, and even increase the kinds of Pokemon in each of the Terarium’s Biomes!

Spend BP at the League Club in The Indigo Disk

Boosting biodiversity in each Biome will cost a whopping 3,000 BP, so be sure to complete enough BBQs during your time in the Terarium.

What to Buy With BP in The Indigo Disk Pokemon

In addition, players can use BP for purchasing items at the School Store or Cafeteria. There are plenty of reasons to complete BBQs whenever you’re able!

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