If you fancy some mindless fun in Fortnite, here’s how to get guaranteed Bot Lobbies in Epic Games’ Battle Royale title!

Sometimes, games like Fortnite are just more fun when you can switch your brain off and enjoy some easy action. Or perhaps you’re aiming to blast through this season’s quests without other players interrupting you.

Either way, it pays to know how to get Bot Lobbies in Fortnite, helping you enter a server filled only with AI that won’t pose much of a threat.

How to Get Bot Lobbies in Fortnite

To enter a Bot Lobby, filled entirely with low-level AI players, follow these steps in Fortnite:

  • First, go to the website status.baydev.net
  • Click any bot’s name to copy its username – or simply make a note of it
Fortnite Bots on Baydev
  • Boot up Fortnite
  • Open the Social menu and add the bot as a friend
Bot Lobby in Fortnite
  • Then, invite it to a Duos lobby and hit Ready
    • This can be either Zero Build or regular Duos
  • As soon as the game begins, your bot will leave the game and you’ll be in a 100% Bot Lobby!

Now you’re free to rack up Eliminations and gain XP, complete quests without issue, or just have fun doing whatever you want.

Fortnite Match Stats 32 Eliminations

You will be able to use this trick to easily grind the Battle Pass, unlock each season’s Victory Royale Umbrella and more. However, it will not count towards your Crown Royale count or overall stats, since you’re in a lobby with no real players.

It’s worth noting that Epic Games probably doesn’t approve of this sort of behavior. However, several users on the Fortnite subreddit claim to have been using it for months with no issues.

We’ve tested the Bot Lobby trick ourselves and it worked perfectly, giving us the chance to drop a 32 Elimination game with ease (something that would never have been possible in real lobbies!).

But we don’t recommend abusing the trick too much, just in case.

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