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How To Get Bombardment in Warzone – Access Protocol Key Guide

A new, mega-powerful killstreak has been added to Warzone. Find out how to get the Bombardment using this guide.

Killstreaks are some of the most powerful items in Warzone. Whether it's a UAV to find out the position of enemies or a Cluster Strike to wipe out an area of enemies, they can completely change the tide of battle.

However, the Warzone Season 2 Reloaded Update has brought the new Bombardment which is by far the most powerful killstreak in the game.

Also, check out the full patch notes for Warzone Season 2 Reloaded here.

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New Bombardment Killstreak

The in-game description of the new Bombardment killstreak in Warzone says: "Call in a missile barrage over areas affected by the outbreak".

This missile barrage is super powerful and lasts almost a whole minute, so anyone caught in the blast zone will have to get inside if they want to survive. The zombies are currently at the Downtown bank, but they will be on the move soon.

However, getting a Bombardment isn't easy.

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How To Get Bombardment in Warzone

There are a few simple steps to getting a Bombardment in Warzone. Although it is quite challenging.

  • Firstly you need to head to the current zombie Outbreak Zone - it is Downtown Bank at the moment.
  • Next, activate the Trial Machine and kill all the zombies
  • The final zombie you kill will drop a yellow keycard
  • Use the Yellow Access Card to open the zombie chest and pick up the purple Access Protocol Key
  • Next, head over to one of these missile silo bunkers
  • Inside each of those bunkers, you will find a Containment Monitor Station. You can get the Bombardment there if you have the Access Protocol Key.

While you're at the Containment Monitor Station, you might want to buy one of the new super-powerful items on sale there too.

Warzone Containment Monitor Station Bombardment

Meanwhile, despite new additions like the Bombardment killstreak, Warzone players are not happy with the state of the game. Dr Disrespect called Warzone "garbage" and uninstalled the game.

Also, the website Warzone players use to track their SBMM has been shut down by Activision. This is a huge blow for people who like to track their stats.

Finally, a Warzone leaker has revealed that a WWII themed map could be coming next year.

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