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How to Get Blue Bullets in Modern Warfare

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Infinity Ward has recently released a new update in Modern Warfare, introducing a plethora of new cosmetics. One of these cosmetic items, in particular, has caught the eyes of many players. Fans have been quick to point that some players are shooting blue bullets. We have compiled a guide on how to get blue bullets in Modern Warfare.

Colored tracer rounds are the technical term for these bullets. Although they don’t grant players with much of a competitive advantage, numerous users would still like to acquire them. Unfortunately, there’s only one weapon on the game which allows you to shoot out blue bullets.

Most interestingly, soldiers use these tracer rounds in real-life to make it clear to them whether or not their bullets are hitting the enemy.

Modern Warfare Blue Bullets Guide

Wondering how to get blue bullets in Modern Warfare? It’s pretty simple but comes at a hefty cost. Here are the steps you will need to complete:

  • Purchase the Nikto Operator bundle in the store for 2400 CoD points.
  • Once purchased, you should be able to use the Cerulean assault rifle.
  • Equip this weapon and your bullets should be blue.

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Modern Warfare Cerulean Assault Rifle - Blue Bullets

Nikto Operator Bundle Contents

There’s no way to unlock this weapon separately. If you want to have blue bullets in Modern Warfare, you’re going to need to purchase the Nikto Operator bundle as a whole. Fortunately, if you do this, you will receive a whole host of other items to add to your character. These include the following.

  • Cerulean assault rifle
  • Father Time watch
  • Fixer skin
  • Embers calling card
  • Negotiation knife
  • The Fix finishing move
  • 1 Tier Skip battle pass
  • Right Tool operator clip
  • Masked Watch emblem
  • Blue Dwarf pistol
Modern Warfare Nikto Operator Bundle

This isn’t the only bundle available in the game either. Infinity Ward often updates the store to include several different items, so hopefully, we’ll see more of these types of cosmetics arrive in the near future.

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