One of the newest Pokemon introduced in the Scarlet & Violet DLC, The Teal Mask, is Bloodmoon Ursaluna. This is a new form of Ursaluna, a Pokemon first introduced in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Unfortunately, to catch this Pokemon, players will need to do much more than just run into it out in the wild. In order to even encounter a Blood Moon Ursaluna, you will need to progress your Pokedex and complete a side quest.

It sounds difficult, but with this guide, we’ll show you everything you need in order to get Blood Moon Ursaluna on your team in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask.

How to Catch Bloodmoon Ursaluna in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC

To catch the Blood Moon Ursaluna in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC, The Teal Mask, you’ll need to help Perrin complete her Photo Survey in the Timeless Woods and defeat the Ursaluna, Bloodmoon Beast, that appears at night.

  1. Catch 150 Pokemon from the Kitakami Pokedex (Pokedex for the new area introduced in The Teal Mask DLC).
Kitakami Pokedex Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Source: Gamer Guru
  1. Speak to Perrin and complete her Photo Survey quest in The Teal Mask DLC.
    • You can find Perrin in Mossui Town.
    • The quest will require you to take photos of 10 different species specified by Perrin. Follow the quest markers, and Perrin will lead you to the Timeless Woods. Here you can easily find all ten species.
Perrin Location in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Perrin Location
  1. Defeat Ursaluna, the Bloodmoon Beast in the Timeless Woods.
    • This battle will function similarly to the Titan battles you faced during the original Pokemon Scarlet & Violet storyline.
    • Don’t worry about knocking out the Pokemon since you will get an opportunity to catch it after you defeat it.
Timeless Woods Location Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
  1. Catch the Blood Moon Ursaluna.
Perrin Blood Moon Ursaluna Pokemon Scarlet Violet DLC

The Bloodmoon Ursaluna is weak to Water, Grass, Ice, and Fighting attacks, so we recommend having a few Pokemon with these types in your team prior to the battle.

This is the only way to currently catch this Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. You will need to start The Teal Mask DLC in order to find Perrin and begin her quest.

Can You Evolve Ursaring into Blood Moon Ursaluna?

No, it is not possible to evolve Ursaring into the Blood Moon Ursaluna since this Pokemon is a unique encounter that you only obtain after completing Perrin’s Photo Survey quest in The Teal Mask DLC.

This means that you can not evolve a shiny Teddiursa or Ursaring into a Blood Moon Ursaluna, unfortunately.