One of the best ways to show your mastery of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone is by showing off unique skins like the Blood Cell Camo on your weapons.

Some of the best Master Camos require players to overcome difficult challenges before they can freely add them to their weapons. This is no different from the Blood Cell Camo.

Unfortunately, the Blood Cell Camo is only available for a limited time, so here we’ll break down everything you need to do in order to add it to your collection.

How to Get Blood Cell Camo

To get the Blood Cell Camo in MW2 and Warzone, players will need to join the Factions Event as the Shadow Company and complete all 5 of the following challenges before August 16 at 9 AM PT:

  • Get 50 Kills
  • Get 15 Kills while Focused with Sniper Rifles
  • Get 15 Kills from Behind with SMGs
  • Get 10 Kills with Launchers
  • Get 5 Kills with Lethal Equipment

After you complete the final challenge, you will receive the Weapon Mastery Camo for the Shadow Company faction, which is the Blood Cell Camo. Once unlocked, you can add the Blood Cell Camo to any of your current weapons.

Blood Cell Camo MW2 Warzone
Source: YTLukeyy

If you already picked the Task Force 141 Faction, then don’t panic. Players can freely switch between both factions during the event. This means that you will have the opportunity to obtain both Master Camos for each Faction.

How to Change to Shadow Company in Factions Event

To change into the Shadow Company during the MW2 and Warzone Factions Event, you need to head over to the Events menu and press Triangle/Y to Switch Factions.

Shadow Company MW2 Warzone

However, this is only if you are currently playing with Task Force 141. If you already chose Shadow Company during the Factions Event, then you just need to complete all the objectives to get the Blood Cell Camo.

The Blood Cell Camo itself decorates your weapons in a black and red bloodstream-like dynamic skin. It is definitely one of the better-looking free skins in the game.

However, it’s likely that after the Factions Event ends, the Blood Cell Camo will not return to MW2 and Warzone. These skins are meant to entice players to participate in the events.

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