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How to Get Better at Warzone 2 – Tips & Tricks

Here are some of the most valuable tips you need to know to domiante Warzone 2.

The battlefields of Al Mazrah and Ashika Island can be ruthless for any new Warzone 2 players looking to get their first battle royale victory.

Even players that spent countless hours on the original Warzone may find themselves struggling due to the changes that Warzone 2 brings to the overall gameplay and feel of the map.

Thankfully, there are plenty of tips that players can use to get better at Warzone 2 and guarantee themselves a suitable set of gear to defeat any enemy players.

  1. Find the best landing spot locations for your squad.
  2. Find cash and purchase your loadout early in the match.
  3. Keep up with the current meta weapons and loadouts.
  4. Find your ideal play style.
  5. Push enemy players and enter gun fights.
  6. Learn rotations and make your way around Warzone 2.
  7. Don’t be afraid to use Proximity Chat.
  8. Interrogate your enemies.

Find the Best Drop Locations & Gather Loot

Finding the right drop location for your squad can make all the difference when it comes to surviving in Warzone 2. This decision single-handedly sets the tone for the rest of your match.

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing where to drop:

  • How many enemy players are dropping in the same location.
  • The amount of loot that one can possibly gain from the location.
  • How close the location is to the circle.
  • Where players can rotate after fully looting the location.

Taking all these factors into account will help you survive the initial wave of fights and leave you with enough loot to survive almost any obstacle.

There are a few spots in both Al Mazrah and Ashika Island that take all those factors into account and can leave your squad in a great spot for the rest of the match.

When it comes to Ashika Island, players can also make their way to the secret bunker early in a game to get high level loot before everyone else.

Warzone 2 Get Better

Get Money & Purchase a Loadout

One of the most vital aspects of Warzone 2 is the weapons you use to destroy your enemies. Grabbing all the cash you can early in the match will allow you to purchase your loadout faster.

Your loadout is a build of weapons that you personally customize to suit your play style. Most times these weapons will benefit you more than the weapons you find lying around the battlefield.

If you manage to get your loadout before other players than you can easily turn any gun fight in your favor.

There is even a specific landing spot that allows you to earn enough cash to purchase a loadout as soon as the match starts.

Keep Up With the Current Warzone 2 Meta

The Warzone 2 meta changes constantly, and its important to stay up-to-date with the latest weapon builds.

One of the best ways to get better at Warzone 2 is to improve with the current meta weapons. This will ensure that you are using the most powerful guns and that you use them properly.

They’re in the current meta because they take down enemies with few bullets and their range is better than most weapons.

Some of the current meta weapons include:

The meta is always changing, so keep up to date with our Warzone 2 meta guide to consistently use the best weapons with every update.

Find A Playstyle That Suits You

Finding the right playstyle is essential to helping you use weapons that suit your needs and complement your skills.

There are a variety of meta loadouts that players can use, but sometimes the top weapons aren’t suited to their skills. This is why learning how you enjoy playing early on is important.

Here are some examples:

  • AR + Sniper Combo
    • Players that enjoy picking off others from a distance will benefit from using an AR with a decent scope and a strong Sniper.
  • SMG + LMG
    • If you enjoy having the upper hand no matter the distance, pairing yourself up with an LMG for longer-range fights and an SMG for close encounters will suit you.
  • SMG + Melee
    • Some players excel at close-quarter combat and benefit from having an SMG to quickly mow down rooms full of enemies. They also benefit from a melee weapon when you run out of bullets and are near the enemy.

But these are just a few examples. Experiment with different playstyles and see which fits your combat abilities the best.

Enter Gun Fights Consistently & Don’t Be Afraid to Push

One of the most sure-fire ways to improve is to constantly put yourself in gun fights. This will teach you how to maneuver around a fight and make better decisions.

Don’t be afraid to push an enemy team. It’s the most important aspect of Warzone 2. Players need to be comfortable entering gun fights and outplaying other players.

If you try and hide for most of your matches then you’ll find yourself lacking when it comes to actual gun fights.

Consistently engaging with other players and fighting your way through Al Mazrah is one of the best ways to get better at Warzone 2.

It will also help players learn when the best moments to push are and when they should wait for a better opportunity.

Learn How to Rotate Successfully in Warzone 2

It’s important to know exactly how the Circle Collapse works in Warzone 2, and how to use it to rotate successfully.

One of the easiest things to overlook is your positioning in a battle royale. Winning gun fights and obtaining loot is meaningless if you get caught in the gas outside the circle.

Here are a few tips to help you with rotations:

  • Always keep an eye on your mini-map and the Circle Collapse timer.
  • If you find that the Circle Collapse is a bit far from where you landed, then the best thing to do is find a Gas Mask to prepare yourself.
    • A Gas Mask allows you to survive in the gas for a few moments. The easiest way to find one is by purchasing them from Buy Stations or looting one from a Stronghold.
  • Land in the middle of the circle to easily rotate when it shrinks.
    • This is the easiest way to avoid the gas, but it is also the most eventful since running into other players is basically guaranteed.
  • Stay near the edge of the circle at all times.
    • This is a bit harder to manager since the circle can close far from your location.
    • Players can easily pick off enemy players that are running against the circle using this method.
    • Many players patrol the edge to pick off others so you may encounter a few fights while the circle collapses. This could leave you in a tough spot.
  • Use vehicles to move around the map.
Circle Collapse WZ2

Use Proximity Chat to Your Advantage

Proximity Chat can be a bit overwhelming initially, but it’s a valuable tool when used correctly. With Proximity Chat, players can negotiate with others and even listen in on conversations.

This can help you pinpoint the location of enemy players or even persuade them to letting you leave unharmed.

There are ways to mute yourself but still hear enemy players. This is also beneficial and a great way to gather information on your enemies.

Interrogate Enemies to Learn Their Squad’s Location

Players can interrogate fallen enemy players to learn the location of the rest of their squad. Players can use this new mechanic in Warzone 2 to gain the upper hand.

When you interrogate a player in Warzone, it will trigger a lengthy animation that will leave you wide open for an attack.

It’s important that you make sure no enemies are watching you while you interrogate the player.

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