FIFA points are an in-game currency in FIFA 23 that costs real money, so here are the top ways to use your points for the best return.

There is nothing worse in FIFA 23 than spending all your FIFA points on Gold Packs in FUT and not packing anything worth your while.

It is a gamble, but thankfully there are ways that you can maximize the value of your FIFA points. This will ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

If you’re one of the players that purchased the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition for the 4600 FIFA points or are just stocking up to build your team, here are the best ways to use FIFA points in FIFA 23.

Best Ways to Spend FIFA Points in FIFA 23

There are a few ways that players can maximize the value of their FIFA points in FIFA 23, including:

  • FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Single Player & Online Draft
  • Wait For Promo Packs to Purchase
  • Save FIFA Points until a Promo Weekend where unique FUT cards will be in the packs

How to Purchase FIFA Points in FIFA 23

  • From the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Home menu, scroll to “Store” using R1/RB or your mouse.
  • Once the store has updated, head to the “FIFA Points” tab by using R1/RB or your mouse.
  • From here, you’ll be able to select multiple options of FIFA Points at different price ranges.
  • Once you’ve found the amount of FIFA Points you wish to purchase, highlight the option and press X/A or select with your mouse to buy them.
  • You’ll be asked one more time to confirm your purchase.

Once you follow these steps, you should see your FIFA Points on your account on the top left, where you see your club name and FIFA coins.

Here is how much FIFA points will cost you in FIFA 23:

PointsUSDUSD with EA PlayGPDGPD with EA Play
FIFA 23 FIFA Points

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Single Player & Online Draft

The best way to maximize the value of your FIFA Points is to invest them into FIFA 23 Ultimate Draft for the following reasons:

  • Ultimate Draft works by drafting every position on a formation you choose from a selection.
  • You must spend 300 FIFA Points or 15,000 Coins to enter each draft.
FIFA 23 Ultimate Draft Entry
  • From here, you take this drafted team and play matches against either AI or other players.
    • If you play Single Player Draft, then it will be against AI with a difficulty of your choosing. Difficulty only affects the coins you get, so even if you play in Semi-Pro or Amateur, you would get high-level rewards.
    • If you play Online Draft, then you will play against other players, but you can obtain greater rewards.
  • This is an elimination-type mode. So when you lose, you will be taken out of the draft, and you’ll be given a reward based on how many games you won.
    • You can play up to 4 matches.
    • Each match will increase the value of your reward.
    • Four wins guarantee you the best reward possible.
FIFA Online Draft Rewards
  • The easiest way to do this is by playing Single Player Draft and choosing Semi-Pro as your difficulty. This way, you can easily win all 4 matches.
  • This is the most time-consuming method to maximize your FIFA points, though, since you’ll need to basically play four full-length matches each time.
  • Rewards for winning four matches in FUT 23 Ultimate Draft can give you packs worth anywhere from 50,000 coins to 135,000 coins.

Your ultimate goal is to get some of the highest-rated players in FIFA 23.

Wait For Promo Packs to Purchase

If you would rather spend your time in Rivals or Squad Battles, then your best option to maximize the value of your FIFA points is to wait for promo packs to purchase.

Promo packs usually have more value than the default packs you can find in the Store at all times.

If you’re not looking to spend too much time grinding for players, then using your FIFA Points here can net you some pretty great players that you can take to the market and sell.

Especially now that multiple platforms have a shared transfer market with a larger pool of gamers that wish to buy items.

But if you happen to pull a FUT Icon, then you’ll either have one of the strongest cards in the game, or you’ll be able to sell them and get enough money to build a really solid team.

Just make sure you’re aware of all the best tips and strategies that go into building an impressive FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

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