Armaldo is one of the Pokemon required to complete the Pokemon GO 2023 Adventure Week Collection Challenge, but getting one is difficult.

Even if you can’t currently catch one in the wild, there are a couple of ways to get it. We will explain them both here so you can check Armaldo off your Collection Challenge!

How to Get Armaldo in Pokemon GO 2023 Adventure Week

There are only two ways to get Armaldo during the Pokemon GO 2023 Adventure Week event:

  • Complete the limited-time event Field Research Task ‘Hatch 5 Eggs’ to earn an Armaldo encounter
  • Evolve an Anorith into Armaldo using 50 Anorith Candy
Armaldo Pokemon GO Pokedex

To pick up the Hatch 5 Eggs Field Research Task, you must spin PokeStops during the Adventure Week event. Simply keep spinning PokeStops until you get this Task, as the Field Research you get is always random.

If you get a Field Research Task you don’t want, you can press the trash can icon in the top corner of the Task to delete it and make some room for Hatch 5 Eggs.

Meanwhile, Anorith is currently spawning much more frequently in the wild during Adventure Week. Therefore, it is pretty easy to farm Anorith Candy by catching any wild Anorith you come across, especially if you use Pinap Berries.

Use either of these methods, and you should be able to get an Armaldo pretty quickly. The Anorith evolution method is certainly the quicker of the two, but if you plan on hatching some Eggs already, then completing the Field Research Task is still a good option.

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