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How to Get an Xbox Series X In-Store at Target – Restock Now

Target has a new policy and is the place to go if you want to get your Xbox Series X in-store!

It is no news that console scarcity is still an ongoing issue. Retailers are trying every possible tactic to make sure as much stock as possible lands on the hands of gamers.

Many have implemented waiting queues, direct invitations, in-store events, among other solutions to keep stock away from scalpers.

Even with all of these measures, restocks sometimes result in upset customers. Recently, Target had to cancel many orders after one of its restocks.

Although, this is certainly not stopping Target from looking for ways to improve its restocks.

Reports indicate Target is developing an in-store strategy to improve its Xbox Series X restock efforts.

Target Storefront

Steps to Buy An Xbox Series X In-Store at Target

According to reports, Target has a new policy that allows each location to sell Xbox Series X stock in-store as soon as they receive it.

This policy change means that your local Target might have some Xbox Series X stock to sell in-store if you are lucky enough.

This information was shared by Jake Randall; a prominent restocks tracker. Follow one of these methods to check if your local Target has Xbox Series X stock in-store.

Target In-Store Direct Approach

  • Go to your local Target store.
  • Proceed to the Electronics department and ask if they have Xbox Series X stock available.
  • There is a small chance that employees might not be familiar with the new policy. If that is the case, you can politely mention this and they will sell you a console if there is stock available.

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Target Xbox Series X policy
Jake Randall

Call Your Local Target Store Electronics Department

  • Call your local Target store.
  • As soon as you start hearing the automated machine prompts, hit 2 to select “Transfer to Department.”
  • Right after this step, press 1 to transfer to the Electronics Department.
  • Once you are able to connect with an employee, ask if there is stock available. If so, head to your store to get a console. Else, continue with the next steps.
  • If there is no stock available, kindly ask the Target employee if they know when the next Xbox Series X shipment is coming. It is likely they will provide a date.
  • Once you know the date, try to get to your Target store as close as possible to the time it opens one day before the shipment arrives. Sometimes shimpments might get there earlier, so going one day is always a good idea. If stock is not there yet, repeat this same process the next day.

Pro-Tip for this method: If the employee does not know when the next console shipment arrives, call back the next day and ask again. As well, call as many Targets in your area as possible.

Online Method to Check Stock Levels for Your Local Target

This method only works if Target’s site Xbox Series X listing is up.

This listing goes live sporadically, so it is a good idea to bookmark it and check on it now and then. To check for in-store Xbox Series X stock for your local Target, follow these steps:

  • Go to Target’s Xbox Series X product listing page.
  • If the page is live, it will most likely not allow you to purchase the console directly. Although, the Xbox All Access area will be available. Select Xbox All Access.
  • Once you have selected this option, you will be able to see if your store has Xbox Series X in stock. If so, instead of buying it through Xbox All Access, head to your store and get your console.
  • If your store does not have stock, click or tap on “Edit Store” and a list with all the stores near you will populate. This list details which store has stock and the amount of units available.

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Target Xbox Series X Product Page
Xbox Series S product page for reference, as it is identical to the Xbox Series X page.

Pro-Tip for this method: If your Target has in-store Xbox Series X stock, head there immediately if it is open. Else, head there first thing in the morning as lines might form outside Targets with stock.

For those wondering, this policy change only covers Xbox Series X consoles. So, PS5 gamers are out of luck for this trick.

If Target is not an option for you, check out the other possible Xbox Series X restocks happening from December 6-12.

As well, Walmart confirmed that it would have Xbox Series X consoles available through the Xbox All Access program in its upcoming Gamer Drop.

If you are interested in Walmart’s Gamer Drop, here is a list of the participating stores.

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Friday 10th of December 2021

As an avid gamer...even I am not going to waste time hunting down next gen consoles.


Friday 10th of December 2021



Thursday 9th of December 2021

So your advice is to call Target, if they have one, go to Target and buy it. Winner.

Thursday 9th of December 2021

Target told me to check online for availability. They sometimes receive shipments in evening and end up being out in morning.


Wednesday 8th of December 2021

Went to Target and most of this information is wrong.