Abstruse Sigil is a powerful crafting material in Diablo 4 that allows players to upgrade their Legendary Jewelry to its best form.

Unfortunately, it is also one of the more difficult crafting materials to obtain due to the method of getting it. But it’s worth the price players have to pay since it helps them upgrade their favorite items.

Here is where to get the Abstruse Sigial crafting material in Diablo IV and how to use it to upgrade your items:

Where to Get Abstruse Sigil in Diablo 4

Players can get Abstruse Sigil by salvaging any of the Legendary Jewelry (Rings and Amulets) at any Blacksmith.

Legendary Jewelry is a random drop that players can obtain by visiting Dungeons or places with plenty of enemies. Players can also use murmuring obols to roll for a Legendary Ring or Amulet.

Thankfully, salvaging items isn’t very difficult, but considering Legendary Jewelry is a pretty rare drop, it can be difficult to gather the Abstruse Sigil you need for crafting.

Players can find a Blacksmith relatively quickly at the first town in Sanctuary, Kyovashad.

Abstruse Sigil Diablo IV

Legendary Jewelry is powerful in its own right due to its ability to boost certain skills and use Aspects to strengthen itself, but when it upgrades, it improves its ability by a large margin.

This is why it’s important to try and obtain Abstruse Sigil early on so that when you reach the endgame areas of Diablo IV, you can properly upgrade your build.

Thankfully, you’ll encounter quite a few Legendary items while exploring the main game of Diablo IV. This means you’ll have plenty of opportunity to stack up on the crafting material before you reach the endgame.

How to Use Abstruse Sigil

Players can use Abstruse Sigil to upgrade their Legendary Jewelry at the different Jeweler locations scattered around Sanctuary.

There is a Jeweler in the first town you visit in Sanctuary, Kyovashad, so finding one won’t be an issue.

You’ll only need two Abstruse Sigils to reach the fourth and final upgrade for Legendary Jewelry. Thankfully, this means the first three upgrades can be reached using relatively common crafting material.

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