If you’ve been playing Modern Warfare over the last few days, you might have stumbled across some players with a yellow (or gold) clan tag. This is just one of the various different ways to stand out from the crowd, introduced in the latest update. Here’s how to get a yellow clan tag in Modern Warfare.

Clan tags are just plain white usually. But now, Infinity Ward has taken things one step further, especially for those seeking some recognition.

How to Get Yellow/Gold Clan Tag in MW

In order to get a colored clan tag in Modern Warfare, there’s a series of steps you’ll need to complete first of all. To begin with, you’ll need to create a Regiment, which is essentially a clan. If they don’t sound familiar, that might be because the latest update added them into COD MW.

Colored clan tag? Never seen yellow from r/modernwarfare

How to Create a Regiment in Modern Warfare

  • Press Triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox One to make your way over to the Social menu.
  • You’ll then need to head over to the Regiments tab, which will give you three options: Create a Regiment, manage an existing one, or join one. Pick the one that best suits you, of course.

Getting a Colored Clan Tag

Once you have set up your own Regiment, you can now get a yellow clan tag in Modern Warfare.

  • Head over to the Barracks option, which is available on the Multiplayer menu.
  • After this, go to ‘Identity’ and select the ‘Clan Tag’ option at the top.
  • Now select your Regiment’s clan tag, then your yellow/gold clan tag should be waiting for you.

Hopefully, all of the steps will work fine for you. But if they don’t, it might be that you need to download your game to the latest version.