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How to Get a PS5 From Walmart 2021 – The Ultimate Guide

Yesterday, Walmart had a major PS5 restock for all users, and fans are discovering a new tactic to secure their next-gen device in 2021.

If you’re one of those gamers still looking for their PS5, we know it’s beginning to feel like a joke. With dozens of restocks since the console first launched back in November, stock is still only trickling out.

What’s more, an abundance of scalpers and hungry Sony fans are still standing between you and your PS5, even today. Thankfully, there’s a new way to get your hands on the console with ease.

walmart ps5 restock 2021
(Source: Sony)

This new method is exclusive to Walmart, and it’ll help you beat the competition in the retailer’s next restock.

Walmart’s most recent PS5 restock was only yesterday, but there’s sure to be more in the future. As one of the USA’s biggest retailers, there are often PS5s up for grabs at the major chain.

Best Way to Get a PS5 at Walmart

According to fans online, this is the best way to get your PS5 from Walmart, ahead of other buyers.

  • First, you’ll need to be on a phone, not a computer.
  • Download the Walmart app.
  • Use our PS5 restock tracker to find out when Walmart’s restock is going live.
  • When live, refresh the PS5 page on the app until you see ‘Add to Cart’.
  • Add the item to your cart if possible. If not, don’t refresh your app or leave the page.
  • When the next 10-minute interval restock releases, add the PS5 to your cart immediately as the button will still be there.
  • Then check out, as soon as possible! It helps if your payment and delivery details are already present on the app.
walmart ps5 restock
(Source: Walmart)

This method appears to have worked for multiple PS5 buyers, making it a must-try. If you’re still after a PlayStation 5, this guide could be just what you need to secure the device.

You can be first to the next Walmart PS5 restock in 2021 using the links below:

Whether you’re on PS4 or PS5, be sure to grab this month’s PS Plus titles which include Final Fantasy 7’s Remake and more.

(Source: Reddit)

Recently, PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan informed fans when more PS5s will be in stock. Thankfully, new consoles should be available in stores everywhere before too long.

And be sure you check out the latest PS5 controller variant, because it’s absolutely bananas!

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Friday 5th of March 2021

Yeah, I tried that. The PS5 page on my app would refresh right before the next 10 min interval.


Friday 5th of March 2021

This is how i finally got mine!!