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How to Get a PS5 Before Christmas

One of the most in-demand items of 2020, many gamers are still trying to get their hands on a PS5 before Christmas. Here’s how to do it:

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been an all-around success, in everything but stock levels. Demand for the console is unprecedented, and it seems that the Japanese developer isn’t able to produce the necessary supply just yet.

There’s good news for eager fans, however, as more PS5 stock is coming this year. For those who know how to find it, getting a PS5 before the New Year or even Christmas is a possibility.

PS5 before Christmas
(Source: Sony)

With that in mind, here’s everything we know about where and how to find a PS5 this Christmas.

Where to Find PS5 Stock Before Christmas

If you’re trying to get your hands on a PS5, we’re certain you’ll notice the devices keep getting snatched up before you even know they’re online. The reason for this is that online scalpers make use of automated bots to find and purchase their PS5 stock.

In fact, this method is so successful that one scalper group has over 3500 PS5s already. And according to reports, a large part of the scalping game is simply knowing where stock is dropping before the competition does.

(Source: Sony)

Thankfully, we have a new way for you to beat scalpers to your PS5 stock. With a handy tool of your own, you’ll be notified whenever PS5 consoles drop, and you’ll have the best possible chance of getting one before Christmas.

Check out the new tool here.

Which Stores Will Have the PS5?

Although most stores would have you believe that purchasing the PS5 is an online-only feature, reports indicate that many fans are having success simply walking into retailers and asking if PS5s are in stock. If you do try this, bear in mind that the poor retail workers have probably encountered this question dozens of times a day.

However, you can luck out when trying major retailers such as Best Buy, Target, and more. However, there’s one retailer we’d avoid right now as it is canceling PS5 pre-orders without notice.

(Source: Sony)

If you’ve got a local gaming store in your area, trying these smaller retailers is a good option too.

However, some online retailers do appear to be slowly tricking out PS5 stock through their own sites each day. According to a restock video by YouTuber Jake Randall, both Target and Walmart will be getting new consoles this week.

Antonline is another site that promises a small number of PS5 restocks just in time for Christmas.

One big site to watch is PlayStation’s own website. The retailer is still putting out regular stock updates, and there’s an added bonus for PS Plus users.

If you already have a PS Plus membership, fans will get free 2-day shipping for their PS5. If you don’t have a new console yet, this is a great way of getting one around Christmastime.

Who to Follow to Find Your PS5

Besides following all major retailers, we have a few recommendations for accounts you should be following. These accounts will all tweet out whenever a PS5 drop is happening, so turning notifications on will help you get there first.

Make sure you’re following PS5 Stock News.

Being online and ready is always helpful, but ensuring that your Twitter notifies your phone will ensure you’re able to get online even when out and about.

PlayStation 5 Christmas
(Source: Sony)

As we move into 2021, PS5s will get easier to come by, so don’t worry if you’re still going without one this year. After all, 2020 is the year of criminals breaking into moving trucks to steal PS5s.

We’d certainly not recommend going through quite that much effort simply for a new games console. After all, there are currently very few exclusives restricted to the PS5 right now.

And with issues such as the PS5 rest mode bricking some consoles still around, it never hurts to wait a while. However, if you’ve exhausted every other option and you need a console now, it may be worth a trip to eBay.

You’ll have to shell out some serious cash for your next-gen console here though. After all, there’s a reason that scalpers are making millions of dollars in profit.

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