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How to get a Jetpack in GTA San Andreas

Here’s how to get the Jetpack in GTA San Andreas!

GTA San Andreas is, to date, Rockstar’s biggest and the most comprehensive GTA game.

From a big open world map to a ton of characters and vehicles, the game has everything one could ask for.

One of GTA San Andreas’s best things is the Jetpack that CJ can even use and store in his garage.

The Jetpack is indestructible as it is not considered a vehicle. It also makes the player invulnerable to falling, bumping into walls or moving vehicles, and other dangers.

GTA San Andreas Jetpack
Rockstar Games

It can also be completely submerged without damage by diving into the water at high speeds. 

The Jetpack is a fun addition that also allows you to traverse the massive state of San Andreas quickly and easily.

If you are looking to get the Jetpack in your garage, here’s how you can easily find the Jetpack in GTA San Andreas.

Or, why not spawn in a Jetpack instantly with these San Andreas cheat codes?

Where is the Jetpack in GTA San Andreas?

The Jetpack is an archetype built in the US military’s underground lab in Area 69. It first appeared during the Black Project mission in GTA San Andreas when CJ was told to steal the Jetpack by The Truth.

Going by the dialogue, the vehicle is the result of a $60,000,000 project. Once the mission is over, the Jetpack will respawn at Verdant Meadows.

There are several ways one can find the Jetpack in GTA San Andreas. You can get the Jetpack at Verdant Meadows Airfield after the completion of Green Goo. 

GTA San Andreas Jetpack Guide
Rockstar Games

Otherwise, the Jetpack can also be found at the lowermost section of Area 69 after performing the Black Project mission.

It was found during the Black Project mission in the launch bay, although exploits are required to access it. 

But even the Jetpack can’t keep up with GTA San Andreas’ fastest car!

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