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How To Get A Black, Red, or Blue PS5

Are you looking to pimp your PS5 and improve its visual appeal, perhaps a black, red, or blue console might be more to your liking.

Next-gen consoles are a sought after rarity at the moment. However, if you have already managed to find a PS5, perhaps you might want to switch up the color scheme a bit.

A company has revealed its new range of products, which seeks to enhance the sleek look of the PS5. It allows the user to customize and tweak the color of their PS5.

If you are wanting a change for your Playstation 5 check out this new information. The well-known router design of the PS5 can transform into something with a bit more color behind it.

Whilst some PS5 owners have had their consoles colored in a different way, through the help of unruly children. We would recommend you use this method instead, for best results…

How To Get A Multicolored PS5

A new range of products is being teased by CMP Shells, a company that specializes in creating mods for Playstation 5 consoles.

The products allow the user to change the color of their Playstation 5 by adding a colorful shell. Perhaps you want a blood-red Playstation 5 similar to Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X controller?

CMP Shells, who used to be known as Platestation 5 are planning to release the shells for sale next month. This will allow PS5 owners to customize their own consoles.

Custom PS5 Colours
Source: CMP Shells

However, the company has been under fire from Sony in the past. Platestation 5 has been threatened with legal action after their attempt to sell unofficial faceplates for the console.

Although, this hasn’t stopped the company that has since rebranded. CMP Shells now takes a little dig at Sony in their Instagram bio, “we started the game, now we’re back”.

Now, however, the company promises that everything is above board with a pending patent for their range of products. Hopefully, this ensures that CMP Shells can operate without the watchful eye of Sony keeping them in check.

You can take a look at the custom PS5 faceplates for yourself. It might make you eager to pick up a fresh look for your next-gen console, if you are lucky enough to own one.

Playstation 5 Stock Issues

Unfortunately for many, getting a hold of a next-gen console is a big issue at the moment and scalping still remains a huge problem for many shoppers.

Sadly, PS5 and Xbox Series X shortages could continue until Summer 2021, so getting a hold of a next-gen console could remain a difficult task.

If you do happen to have one though, there are plenty of games to get excited for. Firstly, an Elden Ring update could be coming very soon according to a tease.

You can check out everything we know about the upcoming game here, including details on a release date, gameplay, story, and multiplayer too.

Furthermore, the PS5 exclusive Returnal has been delayed, which might upset some PS5 fans. However, you can take a read of when the game is set to come out just above.

We will continue to keep you updated on the stock situation regarding PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles. Furthermore, we will also provide important updates for titles coming to both consoles.

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