The 2023 Pokemon GO World Championships Celebration event is adding a new costumed Pikachu to the game, which every player will want to add to their collection!

This new Pikachu is wearing a shirt to celebrate the Pokemon World Championships and can be caught in a few ways during the event (from August 11 to August 15). Although, it won’t be spawning in the wild.

How to Catch 2023 World Championships Costumed Pikachu

There are three ways to catch the new costumed Pikachu in the 2023 Pokemon GO World Championships event:

  • Win a 1-Star Raid against the World Championships Pikachu
  • Complete the event Field Research Task ‘Catch 7 Pokemon’
  • Complete the World Championships Timed Research to earn a costumed Pikachu encounter

This Pikachu will only be available to catch in-game from 10 AM local time on August 11 to 8 PM local time on August 15, 2023. After the 2023 Pokemon GO World Championships Celebration event ends, players will no longer be able to catch this Pokemon.

Pokemon GO 2023 World Championships Pikachu

Can the 2023 World Championships Pikachu Be Shiny?

Yes, the costumed Pikachu for the Pokemon GO World Championships event can be shiny, and the shiny odds for this Pokemon are 0.2%, or 1 in 500. This is exactly the same shiny rate as the standard version of Pikachu.

Additionally, the shiny version will be a slightly darker yellow color than the normal version of this costumed Piakchu. However, the t-shirt is the same color on both versions.

Normal and Shiny 2023 World Championships Pikachu Pokemon GO
World Championships Pikachu (left) and shiny World Championships Pikachu (right)
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