Here’s how you can use the new viral ‘G-Walk’ movement trick in MW2 multiplayer to avoid incoming enemy fire!

The ‘G-Walk’ is a new viral movement trick in MW2 multiplayer that lets players avoid enemy gunfire by quickly swapping between the animations of going prone and sprinting.

It looks completely ridiculous as your character alternates between moving normally and what looks like running on all fours but is very effective at keeping you alive as your movements are so unpredictable!

Although, it could be one of the most difficult movement tricks to pull off in Call of Duty history.

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How to G-Walk in Modern Warfare 2

To G-Walk in MW2, you need to use a keyboard and mouse and change your keybinds to have prone as scroll wheel up. Then, set Share Slide and Dive Inputs to Independent and have Automatic Tac Sprint on.

Then, you have to run forward, scroll up to prone, and interrupt the prone animation with a Tac Sprint.

  • Be using a keyboard and mouse as your input on MW2
  • Change the following settings:
    • Keyboard and Mouse -> Keybinds -> Prone: Mouse Scroll Wheel Up
    • Keyboard and Mouse -> Gameplay -> Share Slide and Dive Inputs: Independent
    • Keyboard and Mouse -> Gameplay -> Automatic Sprint: Automatic Tactical Sprint
  • Now that you have the correct settings, press W to move forward and then Scroll Up on your mouse to go to prone
  • As you are reaching the ground, press Shift to Tac Sprint – this will interrupt your prone animation, letting you ‘G-Walk’ in MW2 multiplayer
  • The timing for this needs to be very precise for it to work. Go into a private match to practice this before you try it out in a real game

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Using this movement trick is bound to upset players online. However, this is just a very small part of everything wrong with MW2 multiplayer!

Can You G-Walk in MW2 Using a Controller?

No, it is impossible to G-Walk in MW2 multiplayer while using a controller. This is because the Share Slide and Dive Inputs setting and custom keybinds which are required to G-Walk properly are only available for keyboard and mouse input.

Players have tried to recreate the G-Walk using a controller, but it is not quite possible as you can’t go straight from walking to prone.

Luckily, console players can turn off crossplay in MW2 to avoid the vast majority of players who could be G-Walking.

While it isn't possible to G-Walk using a controller right now, we will update this article if a method is found.

Additinally, there’s some more consolation for controller players in Modern Warfare 2. These MW2 aim assist settings make controllers totally overpowered!

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