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How to Fix Warzone’s Broken Weapon Scopes

There’s a new Warzone glitch causing weapon scopes to be broken in-game – here’s how to fix them.

If you’re a regular Warzone player, you may well have noticed a new glitch that’s breaking weapon scopes. When looking down certain scopes, Warzone fans are discovering a major issue.

While the scope appears fine when simply using it as a sight, firing causes a strange glitch that blinds the player.

Warzone Broken Weapon Scopes
(Source: Activision)

The entire weapon scope becomes impossible to see through, causing the attachment to be completely useless. Thankfully there’s a solution for these issues, and it’s more simple than you’d think.

This is the second major weapon sight issue, after the ongoing Warzone sniper issue that leads to no scope glint.

How to Fix Broken Scope Glitch in Warzone

If you’re looking to fix the broken weapon scope glitch in Warzone, look no further.

Thanks to a recent post on Reddit, we finally have an answer to solve your issues.

Recently, Reddit user Bini_Inibitor posted on the Warzone subreddit regarding their broken weapon sights. Showing the Axial Arms 3x scope for the M60, it’s clear that the user was encountering the infamous glitch.

warzone broken scope fix
(Source: Reddit)

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However, a fellow Reddit commenter actually had an answer for them. Commenting on the post, user fake_plastic_peace revealed the solution to all our problems:

“Just ads and shoot your secondary, should fix it,” the user confirmed. “Unless it’s gotten worse. This was a common issue during the DMR meta”

If this doesn’t work for you, another commenter reported they had success with dropping the faulty gun. Once this is done, shooting a few rounds with your secondary weapon will fix the problem.

It’s certainly frustrating to still be having such annoying issues in Warzone. And it’s even more frustrating to see some Warzone cheaters have a new method to unlock everything in the game instantly.

That probably explains why Warzone hackers are getting worse by the day. But we wouldn’t recommend calling out Activision on the issue.

After all, one Warzone streamer may be facing consequences after going on a rant about the game’s lack of anti-cheat.

And that’s not even the only major issue with the game, seeing as there’s a new Pay to Win Warzone skin that makes players completely invisible.

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