Warzone players are grappling with a frustrating bug that sabotages their momentum during plane deployment at the start of matches.

Mastering a quick deployment is essential, particularly for those aiming to be the first to secure a supply crate. Unfortunately, this new glitch has emerged, dramatically slowing players down during the deployment process.

As a result, their chances of reaching their intended destination as soon as possible have been reduced. Here is how you can fix it to avoid losing your momentum.

How to Fix Plane Deployment Bug in Warzone

To fix the bug causing players to lose momentum when jumping out of the plane, you will need to ensure your feet are on the ground at the end of the pre-lobby timer.

You must plant your operator’s feet on the ground and avoid placing them on top of buildings, ledges, or in water.

Additionally, once on the ground, you must stay alive so you do not respawn in the air. Reddit user Noivat discovered this fix, and based on our testing, it appears to work.

You can view this solution in the video below:

This bug has affected many players in-game, with one Reddit user discovering another workaround.

Battle111 states that by cutting your parachute and pulling it out again, you will regain your momentum. However, using this method will still lose those crucial first couple of seconds after jumping from the plane.

According to players on the Reddit thread, this glitch has been in the game since the start of Season 4. This bug does not appear on the Warzone Trello, suggesting the developers are unaware of it.

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