Warzone 2 is still causing major issues for many players but there are a few ways to prevent your game from crashing.

If you’re trying your best to enjoy Warzone 2 but the application keeps crashing on you at the worst possible moment, you’re not alone.

Activision’s latest Battle Royale title often seems more than a little unstable, and crashes have been the source of a great deal of frustration for many gamers over the last few weeks.

Thankfully, there are a handful of fixes to stop Warzone 2 crashing and get you enjoying the new BR without fear of your game suddenly closing.

Warzone 2 Gaz & Chimera

How to Stop Warzone 2 Crashing

If your Warzone 2 application won’t stop crashing, here are a few fixes to help get your game working and stable:

Update Your Graphics Drivers

The best way to stop Warzone 2 crashing is by updating your graphics drivers, provided that you’re on PC. This simple process will prevent the majority of Warzone 2 performance and crashing issues, and it’s quick and easy to perform

Warzone fans can update their Graphics Drivers using our guide.

Near Warzone 2’s launch, some select drivers didn’t seem to like the new Battle Royale, leading to major in-game issues.

Now, NVIDIA and AMD’s latest driver offerings are both far better to have installed when it comes to preventing Warzone crashing.

Scan and Repair Warzone Game Files

Next up, if you’re still encountering issues, you’ll want to ensure that all your game files are working as intended – and that none are missing. This is as simple as Scanning and Repairing your MW2/Warzone application, which we’ll explain how to do below:


  • Open Steam
  • Click Library
  • Find Call of Duty Modern Warfare II | Warzone 2.0 in your games list
  • Right-click on the game and select Properties
  • Go to Local Files
  • Choose Verify Integrity of Game Files
  • Then, wait for Steam to complete its verification and download any missing files
Steam Verify Game Files


  • Open Battle.net
  • Find Call of Duty Modern Warfare II | Warzone 2.0 in your games list
  • Click the cog next to the blue Play button
  • Choose Scan and Repair – then Begin Scan
  • Wait for the process to be complete
Scan and Repair Warzone 2 Battle.net

Re-Optimize Warzone 2 Shaders

By restarting their Shaders Optimization in the Warzone 2 settings, players are reporting a reduction in game crashes, with some saying it’s fixed their issue completely. This is particularly effective after installing a new Graphics Driver.

Here’s how to reinstall your shaders in Warzone 2 and fix the game crashing:

  • Open your MW2 / Warzone 2 game.
  • Open Settings by clicking the gear in the top right of the screen.
  • Choose Graphics
  • Make sure you’re in the Display tab, then scroll down the list of settings until you see Restart Shaders Optimization
  • Click Restart Shaders Optimization
  • Then, close the game and re-open it to reinstall all shaders.
Restart Shader Optimization Warzone 2

Uninstall & Reinstall Warzone 2

As a last-ditch effort, it’s never a bad idea to completely uninstall & reinstall Warzone 2. By completely removing the Call of Duty application from your console or PC, you can ensure that you’ve got a completely clean (and hopefully issue-free) copy installed.

Here’s how to uninstall Warzone 2 on all platforms:


  • Open Steam
  • Right-click Call of Duty Modern Warfare II | Warzone 2.0 in your Library
  • Select Manage and then Uninstall


  • Open Battle.net
  • Find Call of Duty Modern Warfare II | Warzone 2.0 in your games list
  • Click the cog next to the blue Play button
  • Choose Uninstall

PlayStation 4/5

  • Find Call of Duty Modern Warfare II | Warzone 2.0 on the PlayStation Home Page.
  • Press the Options button on your DualSense controller
  • Select Delete
  • Then choose OK

Xbox One / Series XS

  • From the Xbox dashboard, open My Games & Apps
  • From your Games list, find Call of Duty Modern Warfare II | Warzone 2.0
  • Press the Menu button on your Xbox controller
  • Select Uninstall
  • Then choose Uninstall All

In all cases, you are then free to install a clean copy of the game from the appropriate store on your platform of choice. And with a little luck, you’ll have fixed your Warzone 2 crashing issues!

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