If you are a FIFA 23 player experiencing the “Unable to retrieve your Kick-Off data names” error that’s preventing you from enjoying the Kick-Off mode, you’re not alone.

This frustrating bug has been plaguing numerous players, causing major disappointment and hindering their gameplay.

While a permanent fix is yet to be found, fear not! In this article, we’ll explore a few effective workarounds that will get you back on the virtual pitch in no time.

How to Get Around Unable to Retrieve Kick-off Names Data Error in FIFA 23

There are two ways to get around this error message. These methods are:

  • Turn off your Internet connection, load in, and turn it back on.
  • Changing your difficulty.

Currently, these are only temporary solutions, so you may have to use them multiple times to access the Kick-Off mode. The most reliable workaround is turning off your internet connection.

Once you can get into a game, why don’t you learn how to use timed finishing? This will ensure you have the upper hand against family and friends.

Unable to Retrieve Your Kick-off Data message

Turning Off Your Internet Connection

FIFA 23 players can get around this error by turning off the internet connection to their chosen platform.

  • Head to Settings on your chosen console.
    • If on a PC, disconnect the internet using the icon on the taskbar.
  • Locate the Network Settings.
  • Toggle the connection to off.
  • Go back to Kick-Off and set your controllers up on the selected sides.
  • Press Ready.
  • Once you are in the Team Selection screen, you can turn your connection back on.

You can turn the online squads back on to play with the latest update when you are back in. Press the following button to turn Live Form on:

  • PlayStation: Triangle
  • Xbox: Y

Changing the Difficulty

For some players, changing their default difficulty has been a workaround for this error. However, this does not work for everyone.

To change your difficulty, here is what you must do:

  • On the main menu, navigate to the gear icon and select it.
  • Enter the Settings tab.
  • Then head into the Game Settings tab.
  • Change your Difficulty Level to something different.
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