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How To Fix Tinder Error Codes

The Tinder app often experiences intermittent issues with various Tinder error codes appearing.

Users often report Tinder not working; at times, users cannot even log-in. In this article, we will go through each error message and explain how to fix them if there are any known solutions.

Table Of Contents

STEP 1: Check Tinder Servers

Error Codes 5000, a50000 or 500:5000

This code is usually a temporary log-in error. When this has happened previously it has been a widely reported server outage.

There are issues connecting to Tinder. Please try again later (A:5000)

This error often appears with this message.

Error 5000 Solution: Wait for a solution to be rolled out and periodically try logging in. This is highly likely to be an outage.

Error 40036

This has appeared when users have tried to purchase something within the app, such as upgrading to Tinder Plus.

Error 40036 Solution: There is no known specific solution to this, so we advise you to follow our Tinder Troubleshooting Guide or check for outages.

Error 40316

A known error when trying to validate a phone number with Tinder. This error can also appear as 403:40316 or 500 errors.

Error 40316 Solution: Use your phone number, with the correct area code from your provider and not through any third party services or texting apps.

Error 40403

Unfortunately, this error means you’re banned. Users often report being banned for absolutely no reason, but the chances are you will have broken Tinders terms in some way.

Something went wrong. You are not able to log in. A:40303.

An example of an error message in Tinder for banned accounts.

Error 40403 Solution: Users have made a new account with their number and not their Facebook profile, and this has worked. Reports suggest this even transfers over any active Tinder Plus subscription too.

Error 80500

A Tinder error code first reported in June 2020 on iOS.

Something went wrong. Please try again later. A:80500

Error 80500 Solution: This has previously resolved itself after a period of waiting and was linked with a known outage.

Failed to Match Error

Users have suggested this could be when matching a deleted profile. Others have theorized these are fake profiles enticing users to upgrade.

Tinder has yet to officially comment on this issue.

Tinder Server Error

This message often appears with the 500 error. This issue has not been widely reported in 2020.

Tinder Not Sending Verification Code

Firstly make sure your device has a strong enough signal to receive the message. We’ve outlined additional steps you can take when discussing Error 40316.

Tinder Troubleshooting

As with all Tinder error codes, there are several steps you can take to rule out it being an account issue, device issue, or server outage.

STEP 1: Check for any outages in real-time.

STEP 2: Check your internet connection is working fine.

STEP 3: Go through Tinder’s contact and help pages.

STEP 4: Check you are running the latest version of the app on iOS and Android.

STEP 5: Clear the Tinder cache / account on your phone and FB profile.

How to Clear Tinder Cache

  • Open the Tinder app > Go to Settings
  • Tap ‘Delete Account’, this should be hidden at the bottom.
  • Then go to your Facebook Settings > Apps > Websites
  • Select Tinder to ‘remove’.
  • Create a new account

Here’s a video walkthrough on how to do that:

This method will delete your messages and matches, you will essentially start again with a fresh account.

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