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How to Fix The Warzone Operator Select Glitch

A frustrating new Warzone glitch is stopping players from selecting their operators before a game – here’s what it is and how to fix it.

Unfortunately, Warzone players have gotten pretty used to glitches by now. Whether it is a bug that is stealing wins or various glitches that make weapons unusable, Warzone has had it all.

However, a new glitch has appeared that stops people from picking their operator before a game. This is a major problem, especially for players who have spent plenty of money on the extravagant skins available in the COD Store.

So what is the new operator select glitch in Warzone and how can you fix it?

But first, Warzone is getting two new horror-themed operator skins for this year’s Halloween event:


Warzone Players Can’t Choose Their Operators in the Menu

Warzone finally added classic Black Ops character Alex Mason, but many players can’t even select him right now. This is down to a frustrating new glitch with the operator select screen.

When players go to select an operator, the menu lags too much to select one. This makes it almost impossible to pick the operator you want to play as.

While this issue doesn’t affect everyone, a significant amount of Warzone players have been suffering from this. In fact, some unfortunate players have had to deal with this for a week or two now.

However, luckily, some players have found a way to still select some operators.

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How to Fix Warzone Operator Select Glitch

The recent Judge Dredd operator skin was hugely popular, but many players can’t select it anymore. However, there is a fix.

The only known way to fix this issue at the moment is to equip your skins through the bundle menu:

  • Go to the Weapons tab.
  • Select ‘Bundle Locker’.
  • Pick out the bundle which contains the operator skin you want to equip.
  • Select the operator skin you want ot play as and press ‘quick equip’.

Unfortunately, this fix will only work for skins that you have purchased in bundles. This means that if your favorite is one of the skins unlocked through challenges or Twitch Prime, for instance, you still won’t be able to select it.

Hopefully, Raven Software addresses this operator select gitch in the next Warzone update.

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In other news, players think that Warzone lobbies are even harder in Season 6. This is the last thing the game needs.

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alan spiers

Tuesday 12th of October 2021

cant pick operator or change secondary weapons it kicks you out to main menu