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How to Fix Stuck ‘Checking for Update’ Error on MW2 Beta

If you’re having trouble playing the MW2 Beta on PC, here’s how to fix the stuck ‘Checking for Update’ issue.

Users on PC are finally able to enjoy MW2 for the first time, as the second Beta weekend allows both PC and Xbox players to play the latest Call of Duty.

Unfortunately, no launch is ever perfect, and the MW2 Beta has seen a fair amount of problems pop up for PC players.

One such issue is the ‘Checking for Update’ error, where the game gets stuck in a constant loop, leaving you unable to play the game. Here’s how to fix this issue.

Checking For Update Error on Modern Warfare 2 Beta

If you have another error code, we have a potential fix for 0x00001338 in the MW2 Beta.

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Stuck on ‘Checking for Update’ Loop on PC – How to Fix

  1. Go to your Steam library and right-click the Modern Warfare 2 Beta
  2. Click on Properties
  3. Go to the Local Files tab
  4. Click the Browse button
  5. Double-click the Main folder
  6. Delete everything EXCEPT the ‘FileSysCheck,cfg’ file
  7. Exit the file manager and play the MW2 Beta
  8. After completing these steps, the game will get to ‘Checking for Update’ before requiring a restart to enable the update
  9. The game may crash when restarting, however, this means that there is an update for the game on Steam, so wait until that downloads before launching again

Make sure to use our handy image below to help you through each of the steps above!

Tutorial on how to fix stuck Checking for Update error on Modern Warfare 2 Beta

If you complete these steps quickly, you’ll still have plenty of time before the MW2 Beta’s end date.

You should be able to play after you boot up the game again! Make sure to use the best guns in the MW2 beta while you have the chance.

The Modern Warfare 2 Beta also brings a new system for loadouts, so make sure to learn about the Gunsmith 2.0 system while you’re here.

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