Players are suffering from a glitch in Fortnite that prevents them from sprinting. Fortunately, we have a handful of fixes to help get rid of this bug.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 is currently underway, and people seem to be enjoying it for the most part. However, it has brought with it a number of unfortunate issues.

One such issue is a glitch that not only prevents players from sprinting but can also stop red dots when aiming down sights from appearing.

Why Can’t You Sprint in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1?

You can’t sprint in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 due to an unresolved bug that causes the player to move at regular speed, even when using the sprint button. It affects both PC and console players.

If you’re struggling to sprint in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, then don’t panic. You’re not alone, as this glitch seems to be affecting a lot of players.

Some players have reported that it occurs when they slide immediately after gliding. Other players have noticed it happening randomly and without cause.

It also appears to be affecting red dots in weapon sights when aiming, and can cause massive lag spikes too.

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Fortunately, while Epic Games are yet to introduce an official fix, there are a handful of things you can try first in order to remove this sprint glitch in Fortnite.

How to Fix Sprint Glitch in Fortnite

You can fix the sprint glitch in Fortnite by verifying your files through the Epic Launcher on PC, making sure your assigned sprint key hasn’t been unassigned, and by restarting the match and/or Fortnite.

Another option is to try and use an alternate traversal technique, such as jumping, gliding or sliding, as some players have found that to work.

Of course, there are also solutions for lag spikes and stuttering in Fortnite that some players have experienced, in case you’re also experiencing those.

For a more detailed breakdown of how to implement each fix for the sprint glitch, continue reading:

  • First, make sure that the ability to Sprint is assigned to a key. It is possible it was unassigned.
    • To do this, follow these instructions:
      • Head into Settings (Options Button/Menu Button/+ Button on PlayStation/Xbox/Switch or ESC on PC, then scroll down until you reach the cogwheel icon).
      • Go to Keyboard Controls/Controller (depending on which device you’re using).
      • Find Sprint and assign a key.
        • For controllers, you’ll need to select Custom and then change Sprint from there.
the options to edit keyboard and controller in Fortnite
  • The next option is to verify your files. This is only possible on PC.
    • To do this, follow these instructions:
      • In the Epic Launcher, go to your games.
      • Right-click on Fortnite, and then select Manage.
      • At the top, select Verify next to Verify Files.
      • It will take a few moments to check.
      • If there’s a file missing, one will be added to your downloads and installed.
the option to manage files in the Epic Games Launcher
  • If you’re on consoles, then you can try checking for an update.
    • To do this, follow these instructions:
      • Press the Options Button (PlayStation), Menu Button (Xbox), or + Button on Switch.
      • Then on PlayStation and Xbox, select Check for Update.
      • On Switch, go to Software Update and select Via Internet.
the option to Check for Update on PS5 for Fortnite
  • You can also try sliding, gliding, or using another type of traversal method, such as bouncing with the Shockwave Hammer.
    • Some users have reported this working, although it isn’t a guaranteed fix.
  • Finally, restarting the match or Fortnite altogether will likely fix it.

Unfortunately, beyond these temporary fixes, it is up to Epic Games to patch out this glitch. While it is unclear when that will happen, with the sheer volume of people suffering from it, it is likely to be soon.

When Will the Sprint Glitch in Fortnite Be Fixed?

It is currently unclear as to when the sprint glitch will be fixed in Fortnite, as it seems to be tied to a number of other issues too.

However, you can check the Fortnite Status Twitter account to get updates for Fortnite fixes or issues that are occurring.

We will update this article with any additional information when it is announced.
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