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How to Fix Specialists in Battlefield 2042 By Bringing Back Class System

Battlefield fans have come up with a way to fix the controversial new Specialists system before the Battlefield 2042 release date.

One of the biggest ways Battlefield 2042 will differ from its predecessors is how players choose what soldiers to play as. Previous games had players pick a class with a set loadout, while Battlefield 2042 has Specialists.

These are soldiers who each have a unique Specialty and Trait. This makes every Specialist play very differently.

For more info, read our guide on the Battlefield 2042 Specialists system.

However, this system hasn’t gone down well with fans of the series who played the problem-riddled Battlefield 2042 Beta. In fact, players have now come up with an entirely new Specialists system for the game.

Battlefield 2042 Specialist Pyotr Boris Guskovsky

Fan Suggestions to Change the Battlefield 2042 Specialists System

Battlefield fans absolutely hated the Specialists system when it was first announced. Unfortunately, the Beta has just solidified this view for many.

This has prompted one Battlefield fan to suggest a number of changes to the Specialists system on the game’s subreddit. These changes are radical, but plenty of Battlefield fans agree with them.

Return of Classes Instead of Specialists in Battlefield 2042?

The first suggestion is a big one. The return of classes in Battlefield 2042.

This would sideline Specialists somewhat, but having classes would allow for better teamplay and, therefore, a more enjoyable experience for most players.

Wanting classes to return is one of the major reasons why fans want another Battlefield 2042 delay.

Better Enemy Identification and Visibility

Part of classes returning would be more traditional uniforms for the soldiers. This would be one color scheme for the US and another for Russia.

One of the most common complaints in the Battlefield 2042 Beta was not being able to tell whether Specialists were friendly or enemies. Giving soldiers army-specific color schemes would change this.

Although, if old-school Battlefield is your thing, we have some news for you. A huge leak has revealed Battlefield 3 classes and weapons in Battlefield Portal.

Battlefield 2042 Wingsuit

Battlefield 2042 Specialists to Become Skins?

Therefore, the Specialists would be made skins for each class. Presumably, players would be able to buy these through microtransactions.

Hopefully, some would also be unlockable in-game without extra purchases too though!

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Default Gadgets

The next suggestion to change Specialists in Battlefield 2042 is that each class would have default gadgets. For instance, Engineers would get a Repair Tool, and Recons would have a Drone.

However, as you level up, you would be able to equip different gadgets to different classes. This will keep the traditional classes, but let players customize their experience.

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Battlefield 2042 Robot Dog

Class Specific Weapons

Another way to keep the classes balanced would be to give each class a specific weapon type only they could use. The poster suggests that rifles could only be used by Assault soldiers and bolt-action rifles could only be used by the Recon class.

However, some weapon types like DMRs and shotguns would be available for all classes. This would give players plenty of options and keep every class balanced.

Here is every weapon in Battlefield 2042 that we know of so far.

Field Upgrades & Abilities

The final suggestion involves the gadgets that are currently locked behind Specialists in Battlefield 2042. Instead, they would be available to choose from for any class.

This would allow exciting combinations between classes and gadgets. A Medic could have a Grappling Hook to revive players in hard-to-reach places or you could turn any class into a healer by equipping the Syrette Pistol.

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Would you prefer Battlefield 2042 to return to a more class-based system like this? Let’s see what changes DICE makes before the new Battlefield 2042 release date.

eazy937 Reddit

It’s no surprise that the new Specialists system in Battlefield 2042 hasn’t gone down well. After all, the Battlefield 2042 development issues stretch back a long time.

What’s more, DICE still has a major game mode to reveal. Luckily, a leaker has revealed that the Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone reveal will be soon.

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