The MW2 Campaign mission Recon By Fire has more than its fair share of bugs – here’s how to fix them if you’re one of the affected players.

The Modern Warfare 2 Campaign is finally here and it’s one of the best Call of Duty story modes yet, but some major bugs are ruining the fun a little.

Most missions work fine but one, Recon By Fire, appears to be causing some players issues. A number of immersion-breaking bugs are popping up in what is otherwise one of the most enjoyable missions in the game.

Recon By Fire Modern Warfare 2

Here’s everything you need to know to fix them and progress in the MW2 story:

Stuck on Recon By Fire Mission Bug Solutions in MW2

No Objective Bug Fix

Players that see their HUD reporting ‘No Objective’ after clearing the enemy-filled buildings need to find a large nearby washing machine and interact with it to progress.

If you’ve cleared the buildings in Recon By Fire but bringing up your HUD reports ‘No Objective’, there’s an easy fix.

Captain Price says “Hold there Gaz, I’m coming to ya. We need to find a way into the tunnels”, but he doesn’t seem to appear. To move on with the mission, make sure you’re in the larger of the two buildings, and move to the living quarters.

No Objective Recon By Fire Solution MW2

You’ll see a large washing machine that you can interact with, and Price will immediately appear by your side to move it.

The Captain not appearing until it’s time to move the machine isn’t a bug, but some players seeing ‘No Objective’ instead of a guiding arrow and the ‘Search’ objective certainly is.

Vehicle Guards Not Leaving Bug Fix

If guards don’t drive away in Recon By Fire, the only fix is to take them out aggressively or sneak away and risk them firing on you later in the mission.

There are a few moments in Recon By Fire where a vehicle full of enemies will pull up and begin to patrol the fields. In these moments, players are expected to position themselves on the ground in their Ghillie suits so as not to get spotted.

Recon By Fire Vehicle Guard Bug

However, sometimes the enemies don’t appear to go back to their car and drive away. It’s a strange bug that leads to said enemies being alerted whenever you end up going loud, and even shooting at you from across the map later on in the level.

If these enemies don’t drive away, you have the option of taking them out aggressively, though be prepared for a real fight. Don’t forget that you have smoke and frag grenades on-hand to help you take out the wave.

And don’t worry, killing these guards does not affect your stealth achievement progress ‘Nobody Was There’, as that only applies to the sniping sections of the level.

Alternatively, sneak past and snipe them from far away to avoid them ruining your mission later down the line.

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Respawning Enemies Bug Fix

If enemies won’t stop respawning, try changing your methods of killing them, clearing another location first, or even restarting the mission.

One of the most damning issues in Recon By Fire is its enemy respawn bug. This issue sees enemy soldiers respawning during combat as soon as a player looks away.

Fighting against waves of enemies, some of whom have armor, is a near-impossible task. Thankfully, there are a few options available to players.

MW2 Recon By Fire

Change Your Tactics

Switch up your methods – instead of shooting from the rooftops, try ripping out the air vents and throwing tear gas, or planting a C4 on the door and finding cover to clear the buildings.

These new tactics could help the game realize that the enemies should be staying dead.

Change Location

If you’re at the section of the game where you’ve got a couple of buildings to clear, and one is full of enemies that respawn, try leaving and coming back.

Clear the second building before returning to the original location to see if that fixes matters.

Restart the Mission

As a last-ditch effort, restarting the whole mission is an option to reset from square one and hopefully get things running normally.

Loading from a checkpoint is a better alternative, but chances are you’ve already died from respawning enemies a fair few times, proving that the checkpoint doesn’t seem to be working.

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