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How to Fix PS5 Stick Drift – DualSense Controller Analog Stick Fixes

Here’s some of the best ways to easily fix PS5 stick drift.

Even if the PS5 only released a few months ago, players have been reporting stick drift with the PS5’s DualSense controller.

Stick drift is where either the left or right analog stick registers an input when it is in a neutral position. The stick is “drifting” because it registers a movement without being touched.

Luckily, this issue can be fixed using some simple methods.

Reset The Controller

The first step you should take to fix PS5 stick drift is to reset the controller. There is a small hole on the back of the controller and inside that is a reset button.

Grab a paperclip or SIM card ejector to push the button down for 5 seconds. This will reset the controller to factory settings.

You can then plug the controller into your PS5 via USB and see whether this has recitifed the stick drift. If not, there are a few other methods you can use.

PS5 Fix Stick Drift DualSense Controller
(Source: Sony)

Turn Bluetooth Off and On

In rare cases, Bluetooth could actually be the cause of drift and not the PS5 DualSense Controller. Turning off the PS5’s Bluetooth should fix the stick drift, if this is the problem.

To turn off the Bluetooth for your PS5, you will first have into the accessory settings. Go to Settings – Accessories – General and then select ‘Turn Off Bluetooth’.

Leave it for a few seconds and then select to turn it back on. If the Bluetooth connection was the problem, then your PS5 controller should no longer suffer from stick drift.

Update the PS5 and DualSense Controller

If it’s still not working, then updating the PS5 controller should fix stick drift. PS5 controllers install an update when you first plug them in, to apparently fix bugs and glitches.

If it hasn’t got the latest update, it should prompt you to update the controller software when you plug it into your PS5.

It’s also worth checking your PS5 is running on the latest update, in case it could be to do with the system software.

To check your PS5 console is up to date first go into Settings again and select System.

From there, go to System Software Update and Settings – Update System Software and choose to Update Using Internet.

This will check your system and will install the update if there is one available.

Clean the Analog Sticks

The last solution to fix PS5 stick drift is to clean the analog sticks. It’s unlikely that there will be too much dust in such a short amount of time, but it’s possible.

The best way to get dust out of the thumbsticks is with a can of compressed air or a Q-tip. Using these to clean all of the dust out from the edges of the analog sticks could stop stick drift.

It’s also a good idea to take off any thumb additional thumb grips you may have, in case it is disrupting the analog sticks.

If the stick is still drifting, then it looks like you’ll have to get it repaired or replaced.

PS5 Fix Stick Drift DualSense Controller Closeup
(Source: Sony)

Replacement or Repair

If all else fails, you should look for a replacement or repair. Check the warrantee from the retailer you purchased it from.

If your controller is within warrantee, they should be able to replace it. If not, you may have to open a support ticket with Sony.

Check on the PlayStation support website to see if your controller can be repaired, follow the instructions, and mail it off. They should send you back a repaired or brand new DualSense controller.

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