Catching Pokemon while you peacefully sleep is a dream come true for many people—however, for some Pokemon Sleep players, that dream has been disrupted by Error Code 009901.

As this game continues to captivate players worldwide, some technical hiccups have emerged preventing players from attracting Pokemon during their slumber. Error Code 09901 can be quite an issue as receiving it leaves you unable to play.

Fear not, though, as we provide you with effective solutions to get you back to catching ’em all and to fix the Error Code 09901.

All Pokemon Sleep Error Code 009901 Solutions

To fix the Pokemon Sleep Error Code 009901, you can try to:

  • Check if you have the latest version of Pokemon Sleep by visiting Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).
  • Look for any available updates and download the newer version if it’s available.
  • Cleaning the app’s cache data and then reopen the app. (Android Only)
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app.
Pokemon Sleep Error Code 009901

On July 25, 2023, Pokemon Sleep rolled out its first update. This could potentially be the reason behind the current error message.

In case this error reoccurs in the future, it is highly probable that it’s related to a new update.

If you’ve already attempted all the previously mentioned solutions, the next recommended step is to visit Pokemon Sleep’s official social media channels.

They will provide updates on ongoing maintenance or any persisting issues, keeping you informed about the situation.

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