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How to Fix the PlayStation 5 Loud Disc Drive Issue

Since launch, many users have experienced a very loud whirring sound coming from the PlayStation 5 disc drive. Here's how to fix it:

If your PlayStation 5 is much louder than expected, you're not the only one to be shocked. Many users online have found that their next-gen gaming console is even louder than the PS4, at least at times.

That's not to say that the PS5 is loud all the time, however. Instead, most fans agree that the PlayStation 5 disc drive gets very loud when installing or loading specific discs.

PS5 Loud Disc Drive
(Source: Sony)

Some users report only certain games having this issue; others find that it happens randomly, even when not playing. My own PlayStation 5 is silent most of the time, but sometimes it's louder than any console I've ever owned, at least for the 5-10 seconds before it falls silent again.

Now, one fan has come up with a few ways to fix the loud PS5 disc drive issue, and it's easier than you'd think.

How to Fix a Loud PS5 Disc Drive

The first thing to note is that this isn't a fix that will have you taking your PS5 apart, so don't worry about voiding a warranty. It's also worth knowing that this isn't exactly a fix to the internal issue, rather a way of making things easier to manage.

One Reddit user has been running some tests, and they've come up with a few solutions that will help fix your loud PlayStation 5 disc drive.

Switch the PS5 to Vertical Mode

PS5 Vertical Fix Loud Disc Drive
(Source: Sony)

Firstly, the console is reportedly quieter when in its vertical mode. According to the user, this appears to be because the PlayStation 5's stand isn't terribly secure when in the horizontal setting.

When vertical, the PS5 has a screw that keeps the console locked in place. The absence of this in horizontal mode likely causes additional vibration and extra noise as a result.

Obviously, not every gamer will have the option to stand their console vertically. But if you do, here's a guide on switching your PS5 orientation.

Dampen the PS5 Disc Drive Noise

Secondly, and more importantly, the PS5 disc drive issue appears to be extra loud when placed on less-sturdy surfaces. The Reddit user reports that their particleboard IKEA furniture made the PS5 far louder than a solid wood desk.

PS5 horizontal
(Source: Sony)

If changing the placement of your PS5 isn't an option, as is the case for most users, there's an alternative solution. Placing a thick rubber mouse mat below the PS5 stand will reportedly dampen the sound significantly.

Reddit user m0rtivor estimates that the PS5 disc drive creates 90-95% less noise with a thick rubber pad below the console. Of course, this sound dampener doesn't have to be a mouse pad, and anything between a hard surface and the console should help somewhat.

A loud disc drive isn't the only issue affecting the PS5 launch either. Many next-gen owners are reporting problems with the PS5's rest mode bricking the console entirely.

As a temporary solution, here's how to turn off rest mode on PS5. Of course, many gamers are still yet to get their hands on the PS5 whatsoever.

Thankfully, Sony confirms that more PS5 stock is coming this year. So if your PS5 is unbearably loud, it won't be long before replacements are readily available to send out.

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