There’s a new error code for MW2 that’s causing players to lose their in-game progress – here’s how to fix the NIAMEY – LEE bug.

If you’ve been enjoying Modern Warfare 2 so far, you’re not alone. The game’s campaign is a breath of fresh air, releasing a full week before multiplayer goes live.

However, as this is the first time Activision has ever released the story mode early for a Call of Duty title, there were always going to be issues.

The biggest problem that players are experiencing is a new NIAMEY – LEE error that appears to be popping up after installing the latest MW2 update.

What Is NIAMEY – LEE Error in Modern Warfare 2?

NIAMEY – LEE is an error code that players are reporting will appear after installing the latest MW2 update. The error states that players must reset their rank and unlocks due to corrupt data, but thankfully there is a solution to the problem that doesn’t require you to lose progress.

How to Fix NIAMEY - LEE Error in MW2

For those that don’t want to have to grind through the Campaign again, here’s what you need to know to get your data back:

How to Fix NIAMEY – LEE Error in MW2

  • First, press Yes when the NIAMEY – LEE error occurs (your data will not be deleted)
  • After that, press the Settings button in-game
  • Go to the Settings Tab
  • Then open Quick Settings
  • Finally, press Circle, B, or Esc to exit Settings
  • This should take you back to the Campaign menu with all your progress and unlocks, no reset required!
Quick Settings Menu MW2

This solution was found by Reddit user breakxr and is confirmed to work by more than a handful of other commenters. Thankfully, it seems that you won’t have to unlock these MW2 Campaign rewards a second time after all.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that there’s any way to recover your progress if you’re already reset it thanks to the error. Here’s how long it takes to play through the MW2 Campaign again, if you’re about to start your second playthrough.

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