The easiest way to fix legitimate Double Kills not being counted towards weapon or camo challenges is to shut down and restart MW2.

Several players have reported that after restarting their game, the Double Kills that hadn’t been tracked before were finally recognized.

However, it is worth noting that this isn’t guaranteed to work. Additionally, Infinity Ward is yet to put out an official fix for this issue. It has affected players since Modern Warfare 2’s initial launch and continues to go unaddressed.

Make sure to check out the COD MW2 fixes Trello Board which is regularly updated with bugs that are being worked on. If Infinity Ward is going to address this issue, they will do so via the Trello Board.

There are plenty of easy ways to get Double Kills in MW2, especially with a Marksman Rifle. However, you might need to implement this fix in order for them to be recognized.

You must meet the following requirements in order for a Double Kill to count towards a weapon or camo challenge:

  • AI kills in Invasion and Ground War game modes don’t count.
  • You must get the second kill within three seconds of the first one.
  • If the challenge requires you to use a specific type of gun, you must use it for both kills. It won’t count if you only use that gun for one of the two kills.
  • The Double Kill notification must appear on screen for it to count.
the Double Kill notification in MW2
Credit – HZRD

Why Are Double Kills Not Being Counted in MW2?

In some cases, your Double Kills are being counted towards your overall weapon challenge progress. However, due to a glitch, they aren’t being displayed correctly.

Restarting MW2 seems to refresh the counter, allowing it to accurately count all of the Double Kills it previously hadn’t recognized.

If you’re trying to unlock the Tempus Torrent and your Double Kills are not being counted towards its weapon challenge, you can try these alternative methods that are even easier.

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