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How to fix Modern Warfare and Warzone Error Codes

Modern Warfare and Warzone error codes have proven to be a common issue for players on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Below is a list with the most common and well known error codes along with any potential solutions. They’ve been grouped into MW and Warzone with the most common errors appearing at the top; this list will be continually updated.

Warzone Error Codes

Error Code 8192

This is a known issue during server outages, often after a big update. This has been spotted during busy periods with an influx of players. You can check for outages here.

Error Code Goldflake

Users have reported this error message randomly popping up whilst waiting for a match or after being kicked from a match.

A required network service has failed. Status: GOLDFLAKE

Error Code Goldflake Solution: Users have reported clearing the device cache as a solution to this.

Error hk:’s

This is a common error message which usually appears before a string on numbers.

  • hk:s=571808m
  • hk:s=596768m=55482560:12717632

Users have reported being in an online match, then randomly being kicked with this error message. Although there is no known solution to this, we recommend checking for server outages and clearing your cache.

Error code 262146 & 270338

The 262146 and 270338 error messages are well known to appear during major server outages.

Dev Error 6036

The dev error 6036 error message is a very common issue for PC users. Potential solutions include:

  • Force the game to re-update (shown in the video)
  • Clear your device cache (guide here)

Warzone Server Queue

Error Message: servers are under heavy load. You have been entered into the queue and will be joined to the game shortly. Estimated wait x hours x minutes x seconds. Current position: x

This is a known issue on PC and often appears during particular spikes in traffic or after a recent major update. This queue is designed to prevent further spikes in traffic and to allow gamers to gradually join. Times have been known to drastically change half way through the queue though.

Warzone Connection Failed

Error Message: Unable to access online services.

This usually appears on major server outages for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Players should check their online connection and the server status for, Xbox Live and Playstation Network. If there are no reports it could be a local network issue in which you should try restarting your device and router.

Check for Warzone outages

Many Warzone error codes are the result of a server outage. You can check the real-time status below:

Modern Warfare Error Codes

Error Code 2048

Error 2048 is a well known issue without an official solution. It is theorized to be linked to players profiles.

This does seem to disappear randomly for some players but others have reported deleting the game and re-installing to be a solution for them.

Error Code 656448

Players report error 656448 appearing whilst getting stuck on ‘fetching online profile’ or ‘connecting to online services’. This happened with a sudden spike in reports and presumably caused by a major outage.

Error Code 4

This is a software issue which seems to be affecting PC players.

Error Code 4 Solution:

  • Go to ‘My Computer’.
  • On the left hand-side column click on ‘Documents’.
  • Click on the folder named ‘Call of Duty Modern Warfare’.
  • Delete that folder.

Modern Warfare Server Queue

A well known issue on both MW multiplayer and Warzone. This has appeared during outages and huge spikes of traffic, it eventually resolves itself.

Modern Warfare Connection Failed

Error Message: Unable to access online services.

Check your own internet connection, if this is fine then it is highly like to be a server issue which you can check here.

Check for MW outages

Many Modern Warfare multiplayer error codes occur due to a known server issue. You can check the real-time status below:

General Troubleshooting

STEP 1: Clear Your Cache

STEP 2: Delete and re-install the game

STEP 3: Check your network connection and preferably use an ethernet. Our guide below can help with that:

STEP 4: If nothing else works, try contacting Activision directly.

If you have any error codes we haven’t mentioned or would like to discuss any issues, feel free to use the comments section below:

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Sunday 2nd of January 2022

I recently purchased modern ware fare for 19 pound or dollar on my psg which is a disk version. So i bought black ops colwear and on the right is modern warfare but indicated ‘need full install. I did that through the store and a few minutes the game that is the campaign or story shows a black screen anytime i try to play the store .it starts and in 2 minutes black screen again. I bought the game a 3 days ago on my ps5 ps store with a promo of 19 dollars?pounds.i did everything including deleting the game but still black now after another depletion ,can’t seem to find the purchased game. No wonder Xbox is winning and i too will join if this isn’t fixed


Saturday 1st of January 2022

Error code ws-118720-9 comes up when I downloaded and paid for the game. Game says not installed and will not let me install the packs as error code comes up for all. Take my money and cannot play! Damm call of duty


Sunday 2nd of January 2022

And disc version of Cold War has no campaign. When clicked a message pops up and game not for sale.. with error code of WS… is it different regions?


Wednesday 8th of December 2021

a required network service has failed status goldflake

Kimberly B

Monday 2nd of August 2021

What is error code 6, status Kipling, error code diver?


Sunday 25th of April 2021

Error code 207970- i uninstalled and reinstalled twice.