Fans are understandably annoyed at the poor performance and low FPS in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on launch. Fortunately, there are fixes to these issues.

If you’re struggling to hit even 15 FPS on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Outside of being riddled with visual glitches, the games are also woefully laggy.

However, there are fixes that will help you improve the games’ performance and stop them from lagging. It should also help you fix the myriad bugs and glitches in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to Stop Pokemon Scarlet & Violet From Lagging & Fix FPS Issues

The best way to prevent low FPS (frames per second) in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and improve performance is to reset the game any time you exit a city.

This only applies to cities that have loading screens between entering and exiting them, such as Mesagoza.

This is because whenever you leave a city with a loading screen in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there is a memory leak. Essentially, the game is not deleting needless information when it should be.

As a result, the game slows down to a crawl, and you’ll start getting 10 FPS or lower. However, if you reset the memory leak will be fixed, and your frame rate will begin increasing again.

the player stood outside of Mesagoza in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

How to Improve Performance in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

You can improve performance in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet by either playing it in handheld mode or lowering the resolution of your Switch while docked.

Playing in handheld mode will decrease your resolution, making the game less demanding visually and, therefore, easier on the Switch’s limited hardware.

Similarly, reducing the resolution of the console itself will lower the overall visual quality of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and thus make it run better.

To reduce the resolution of your Nintendo Switch, simply follow these instructions:

  • Head to System Settings (the cogwheel icon) on your Home Screen.
  • Scroll down until you find TV Output.
  • Press the joystick left and then press A to select TV Resolution.
  • Switch it to 720p.
    • If you’re still experiencing a low FPS, then switch it to 480p.
  • Press A to accept.
the resolution settings on the Nintendo Switch
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