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Update 1.20 has introduced plenty of new content, including new items, bundles, and much more. Unfortunately, however, it seems that players have encountered performance issues like never before since the new update dropped. That said, here are a few tips regarding how to fix lag in Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone.

If there’s one thing that players find frustrating to deal with, it’s the prospect of lag. It essentially makes the game unplayable as it delays your actions. Lag is most known to cause stuttering, drops in framerates, and hit marker delays.

Modern Warfare Warzone Connection Error Message

However, if it’s too bad it’ll usually remove you from the match. As you can see from the error message above, if you’re booted from a match, it’ll mention something along the lines of:

“Lost connection to Host/Server. Connection timed out.”

Why is Warzone and Modern Warfare So Laggy?

There’s a variety of reasons why you might experience latency issues or lag in Warzone and Modern Warfare.

While it might sometimes be on your end, it can also be a problem on Activision’s side of things. Usually, if it’s not on your end, there’s not too much you can do to help combat the lag. Instead, you’ll probably have to wait until Activision fixes any issues.

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Here’s a few reasons why your matches might be so laggy.

  • DDOS attacks against network providers, including Activision.
  • Your Internet Service Provider might be experiencing problems.
  • An influx of players could prompt issues.

Potential Fixes for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

As of the time writing this article, the current lag is likely due to the recent Warzone sever issues. In fact, Activision rolled out a fix for connection issues very recently, but this hasn’t fully resolved it for all players.

With this in mind, the following fixes aren’t guaranteed to work – but it’s worth giving them a try nonetheless.

  • Restart your console or application. This doesn’t work every time, but we’ve found this tip to help resolve lag or server issues sometimes.
  • Change your wireless connection to a wired connection.
  • Before each match begins, check your ping. If it’s very high, it’s safe to assume you’ll experience lag. That said, you might want to try starting matches only when the ping is normal.
  • Turn off any applications that might be running in the background.
  • Enable QoS. Some routers come with this option, others don’t.
  • Check your ISP is up and running well.

If you’re still experiencing lag in Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, you can check out the Activision Support blog for further information.

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