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How to Fix Invite Friends List Not Working Warzone 2 & MW2

Currently, MW2 and Warzone 2 will kick any friends you add from your Friends List to your game to the main menu. However, don’t worry; there is a fix.

If you’ve been trying to create a Warzone 2 party with friends but find that they keep getting kicked to the main menu, you’re not alone.

This issue seems to have come about since the latest update, but it’s not unfixable. Fortunately, there is a workaround so you and your friends can continue exploring Al Mazrah.

This isn’t the first issue to hit the game. If you also find Warzone 2 to suddenly be offline, then you might want to see how to check the server status and connection to fix it.

How to Fix the Friends List / Social Tab Not Working Issue in Warzone 2 & MW2

Update: Restart your game for the Social Menu fix. An official fix has gone live.

The other way to fix the Friends List issue and invite friends to your Warzone 2 or MW2 party is by creating a Channel in the “Channels” tab.

While there is sure to be an official fix from Infinity Ward themselves, currently, this is the only way of resolving this issue.

The issue revolves around a bug with the ‘Social’ tab, when trying to open it nothing happens.

Infinity Ward has officially confirmed a fix for the social tab is live and players will now be able to easily invite friends
two soldiers firing guns in Warzone 2

How to Create a Channel in Warzone 2 & MW2

To create a Channel in Warzone 2.0 and MW2, you’ll need to head into Channels and then select Create Your Own Channel. After that, you’ll be able to invite your friends to it.

For a more detailed breakdown, continue reading:

  • Press the Options button (PlayStation), Menu button (Xbox), or ESC (PC) to open up the main menu.
  • Scroll (R1 on consoles, just click it on PC) to the Channels tab – it looks like a pair of headphones.
  • Select Create Your Own Channel.
the Channel tab in Warzone 2
This is the Channel tab in MW2 & Warzone 2
  • Name your channel and then select Done.
  • Once you’ve done that, select your channel (X on PlayStation, A on Xbox, and the left mouse button on PC). This will bring up the option to invite friends.
  • Choose the friends you wish to invite to your channel, and then choose Invite To Channel.
the Invite to Channel page in Warzone 2
Choose which friends you want to add and then select Invite To Channel

How to Invite Friends to Warzone 2 & MW2 Party

To invite friends to your Warzone 2.0 or MW2 party from your Friends List, head to the Social tab in the main menu and select Invite Players. Then, choose the friends you want to invite and submit.

For a more detailed breakdown, continue reading:

  • Press the Options button (PlayStation), Menu button (Xbox), or ESC (PC) to open up the main menu.
  • Select Social (X on PlayStation, A on Xbox, and just click it on PC).
  • Then select Invite Players under Your Party (you can invite up to 31 other players).
  • Under the Friends tab, choose the friends you wish to invite to your party, and then choose Invite To Channel.
the social tab in Warzone 2

Of course, once you’ve managed to add your friends to your party, you should check out the best loadouts in Warzone 2, so you and your buddies can win with ease.

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Thursday 17th of November 2022

Hey guys - IF YOU WANT TO ADD NEW FRIENDS (CROSSPLATFORM) another small workaround, if you have previous COD games or even the previous Warzone, you can login and go to your socials tab and add new friends there through the search. After which you can log back into the game and use the headset icon to invite to your party!!