Players are finding that the Holy Chalice that appears during Sister Octavia’s quests in Diablo 4 is causing a bug when they change World Tiers.

It is always unfortunate when a bug appears in your game, but even more when you constantly have to see it when entering the town.

This is why it’s important to understand how the Holy Chalice bug in Diablo 4 happens and the easiest fix to get rid of it quickly.

How to Fix Holy Chalice Diablo 4 Bug

The best fix that players have found for the Holy Chalice is to travel to the Kyovashad Waypoint, but this isn’t the most consistent solution.

Most of the time, players have found that the best thing to do is avoid the bug altogether by ensuring you complete all three of Sister Octavia’s quests in the same World Tier.

These three quests include:

Sister Octavia Diablo 4

Some players have noticed that after traveling back to Kyovashad, an NPC appears with a quest marker. Speaking to this NPC will fix the Holy Chalice bug, but it’s very rare for them to appear.

The best course of action is to wait until Blizzard issues a fix for the bug to allow players to complete the quest.

What is the Holy Chalice Bug?

The Holy Chalice bug is a glitch that happens when players change their World Tier while in the middle of completing Sister Octavia’s quest line.

Diablo 4 Holy Chalice

During her quest, players will need to use a Holy Chalice to exorcise some demons. But for some reason, changing World Tiers causes the Holy Chalice to glitch and constantly appear at the gate of Kyovashad.