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How to Fix Firebase Z Crossplay in Cold War Zombies

These handy tips will help you fix Crossplay when playing the new Zombies map, Firebase Z.

The new Zombies map has finally arrived, after plenty of teasers. Players were excited to team up with their friends and fight the undead, but this game-breaking glitch has stopped many players from using Crossplay.

Luckily, Treyarch has identified the problem and provided a useful guide on how to fix it.

Zombies Crossplay Broken?

However, many players cannot enjoy the new map, Firebase Z, at the moment as there is a glitch stopping players from using Crossplay.

Firebase Z, along with a whole load of other content was added in the huge new 1.11 patch for Black Ops Cold War.

Some players have been getting an error message regarding “required content” when trying to start a new game. This happens in a private match when players are using Crossplay with a PlayStation player.

Luckily for players, there are a few workarounds they can use to fix this.

This isn’t the only glitch that Zombies players have to deal with. This strange bug leaves players totally defenseless and without any weapons.

firebase z map Cold War Zombies

How to Fix Firebase Z Crossplay

Treyarch has revealed three easy methods that can help fix this issue for all players.

Firstly, players can simply play in a public match with their Crossplay friends. However, this is less than an ideal fix as many players play in private matches so they don’t have to rely on random people they don’t know in a co-operative mode.

Alternatively, players can make sure that a PlayStation player is the party host. This is the easiest solution as it means that all of the players can start the game and you don’t have to play in a public lobby and risk randoms ruining the game.

The last solution to fix Firebase Z Crossplay is also very simple. One member of your party can start a game solo and then you can join them once the match is in progress.

Treyarch will hopefully fix this issue as soon as possible.

Treyarch Twitter

If you haven’t had a chance to play the new map, be sure to watch the Firebase Z trailer here.

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