If you’re looking for a bug fix for the Fury Against Fate questline in Diablo 4, you’re not alone. While this quest has been bugged for a while, there are, fortunately, several fixes.

Players get the Fury Against Fate quest from Ealda, who can be located in the Crane Tribe Hutmoot settlement in the Dry Steppes region, after completing the side quest Raising Spears for her.

The bug happens when players reach the Wasting Hollow Dungeon to help Ealda and her soldiers defeat the cannibals.

There are two main issues with this bug which includes the Gore-soaked Barricade and clearing out the Cannibal Feeding Ground.

Below, we’ve outlined every fix that has been known to work for the Fury Against Fate quest bug, so you can finally finish the mission and continue enjoying Diablo 4.

Fury Against Fate Diablo 4 Bug Fix

There are several fixes for the Fury Against Fate quest bug in Diablo 4. They are:

Gore-soaked Barricade Bug fixes:

  • Set the game into windowless or bordered mode in the game’s settings
  • Set the minimum background FPS to 1FPS
  • Head outside of the cave, log out and then back in again
  • Interact with the cave entrance and then tab out to lower the FPS of the cave when you load back in
  • Speak to Ealda and tab out again
  • Listen to the NPC’s conversation while tabbed out, wait for them to start shouting, then head back in and continue the quest
The player charging with Ealda in Fury Against Fate quest Diablo 4
Credit – WoW Quest

Clear the Cannibal Feeding Ground Bug Fixes:

  • Abandon the Fury Against Fate quest, log out and back into Diablo 4, and start the quest again.
    • It’s worth noting that this method only works if an event isn’t happening outside of the Wasting Hollow Dungeon. If there is an event, abandon the quest and start again. Multiple users have reported that this method has fixed the bug for them.
      • Players can abandon quests in Diablo 4 by going to their journal, clicking on the quest, and selecting Abandon.
  • Beat the event in the Flayer’s Outpost right outside of the Wasting Hollow Dungeon.
    • Right next to the Wasting Hollow Dungeon entrance is an event that seems to be the culprit causing the bug. Complete this event before entering the Dungeon, quit Diablo 4, log back in, then head back into the Dungeon to fix the bug.
      • It’s worth noting that there isn’t always an event happening outside of the dungeon. If there isn’t, then try one of the other fixes.
The event right outside of Wasting Hollow in Diablo 4
An example of an event happening outside of the Wasting Hollow Dungeon. Make sure to either beat the event or log out and back in again if an event is happening.
Credit – Manugames92
  • Switch to World Tier 1 difficulty.
    • Some users have reported that switching World Tiers, specifically World Tier 1, and logging back into Diablo 4 fixes the bug.
  • Once Ealda begins her speech, run straight to the Gore-soaked Barricade and wait.
    • Several users have reported that this technique can trigger Ealda to begin moving.
  • Leave the Dungeon, quit Diablo 4, log back in, and re-enter the dungeon.

With all of the above fixes, it is worth trying them multiple times, as many as five to ten times in some cases. Several players have reported that a fix worked after numerous attempts.

It’s worth noting that some users on the official Blizzard Forum for this quest have attempted to lure the enemies down to Ealda and her soldiers, which forces them to fight.

However, this technique doesn’t work, as once the enemies are defeated, Ealda will continue to remain stationary, and you will still get the objective “clear the cannibal feeding ground.”

We will update this article if Blizzard releases a patch that fixes this bug.

What Is the Fury Against Fate Bug in Diablo 4?

The Fury Against Fate quest bug prevents you from getting past the Gore-soaked Barricade and progressing with the quest.

Additionally, the bug also prevents the NPC Ealda and her Crane Tribe soldiers from following the player into a cannibal feeding ground in the Wasting Hollow Dungeon.

Gore-soaked Barricade Bug:

The Gore-soaked Barricade bug prevents you from passing through the Barricade and progressing with the quest.

As you come across it, the Barricade will have a health bar that does not go down when you attack it, stopping you from accessing the other side.

Here is a Reddit users failed attempt at trying to push through the Gore-soaked Barricade:

Clear the Cannibal Feeding Ground Bug:

After entering the Wasting Hollow Dungeon, Ealda gives a speech, and then she, alongside her soldiers, are supposed to charge into battle.

However, the bug stops them from moving entirely, which can completely halt your progress in the Fury Against Fate questline.

Ealda in the Wasting Hollow Dungeon in Diablo 4
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