Looking for a solution for the notorious Communications Error Occurred issue to fix your disconnects in Splatoon 3? Here’s everything you need to know:

Splatoon 3 players are reporting an array of issues affecting online matchmaking in-game. Since the title launched, users have been having issues with the game’s servers when jumping into Turf Wars.

One of the most common issues is the dreaded Communications Error, which will pop up and disconnect you from the game. If you’re lucky, this will happen when you’re queuing for a match, but if you’re unlucky you may see yourself kicked in the middle of a multiplayer session.

Regular disconnections can even net you a temporary ban from matchmaking, something that’s particularly frustrating when you’re not at fault in the first place.

Splatoon 3 Inklings at Match Start

Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to combat the Communications Error issue in Splatoon 3.

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Splatoon 3 ‘A Communications Error Occurred’ Fix

Here are all the tricks a player can use to fix their Communications Error issue:

Check Nintendo Server Status

Before you go any further, make sure you check the Nintendo Server Status here to see if Splatoon 3 servers are down. After all, there’s nothing you can do to fix your game if the issues are on the developer’s end.

If all servers are operating normally, follow the methods below to hopefully restore your connection.

Use an Ethernet Cable

Instead of relying on a Wi-Fi signal, you can stabilize your Splatoon 3 online matches by plugging an ethernet cable into your Nintendo Switch dock, at least while playing in docked mode.

Switch OLED users will be able to plug the ethernet cable straight into their docks, but other Nintendo Switch players will need to make use of a Wired LAN Adapter to give themselves an ethernet port.

Ethernet Nintendo Switch

Using an ethernet cable will often increase your Nintendo Switch’s download speed, and it’ll prevent connection drops mid-game most of the time.

If this isn’t possible for you, moving your Switch closer to your router will also help improve connection.

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Reset Your Connection

Regardless of how your Switch is connected to the internet, it can’t hurt to reset your console’s connection and see if that helps matters:

  • Wired Connection
    • Those with ethernet cables can simply unplug their cable and wait for a few seconds before plugging it back in.
  • Wireless Connection
    • If you’re connected to the router via Wi-Fi, try turning off your router and waiting for 30 seconds before turning it back on.

Once things have rebooted and you reconnect, you may find that your internet stability has improved.

Restart Splatoon 3

One method that players are reporting will temporarily fix the Communications Error issue is restarting Splatoon 3. To do this, simply:

  • Press the Home button on the Nintendo Switch to return to the Home Screen.
  • Make sure you’ve got Splatoon 3 highlighted with the cursor.
  • Press X.
  • Finally, press A to close Splatoon 3.
  • Then, open the game once again, and your connection problems may be temporarily over.
How to Close Splatoon 3

This is only a temporary solution, but it could get you out of a constant Communications Error loop.

Delete & Reinstall Splatoon 3

Although Splatoon communications issues are more likely Nintendo’s fault, if you’re encountering too many, you want to consider deleting and reinstalling Splatoon 3:

  • Press the Home button to return to the Nintendo Switch menu.
  • Make sure to remove the Splatoon 3 Game Card (if you have a physical copy) from your console.
  • Scroll to Splatoon 3 and press the + button.
  • Head to Data Management – Delete Software.
  • Press A
  • Once your game is uninstalled, simply re-enter the Game Card if you have one, or re-download Splatoon 3 from the Nintendo eShop.
Splatoon 3 How to Delete Software

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