Receiving an error while playing games is one of the most frustrating things, and the CE-117773-6 error on PS5 prevents players from playing online.

While this error may seem annoying, there are quite a few fixes. Let’s dive in and discuss how to fix this error code.

CE-117773-6 Error Code PS5: How to Fix

To fix the CE-117773-6 error, you can try:

CE-117773-6 Error Code

Check PS+ Subscription

You will need to check if you are still subscribed to PlayStation Plus. The CE-117773-6 code can pop up when attempting to play an online game that requires a subscription and could mean yours has run out.

  1. Press the PS button to head to the main menu.
  2. Use the analog stick to navigate to your profile in the top right. (Shown by the red circle below)
  3. Select it by pressing X and looking for the PS+ symbol next to your name.
  4. If the symbol is present, then you have PS+.
Profile Picture PSN

Check the PSN Servers

If you have PS+, the issue could be related to the PlayStation servers. In this case, you will need to check the server status.

If the servers are working perfectly fine according to the status tracker, you must try one of the other methods.

PSN Server Status

Power Cycle Your PS5

If you have PS+ and the servers are working fine, the next method to try to fix error CE-117773-6 is to power cycle your console. To do this, you must:

  • Press and hold the system power button until two beeping noises. (1st almost immediate, 2nd after a few seconds)
  • Unplug the console power cable from the outlet after the shutdown.
  • Wait for 20 minutes.
  • Plug the console back into the power outlet.
  • Turn the console on.

Download a Game From PS+ Collection

Another fix for the CE-117773-6 error code is downloading a PS+ Game. To do this you:

  • Navigate to PlayStation Plus App on the home screen.
  • Inside the app, press R1 twice for the Collections tab.
  • Choose Monthly Games.
  • Pick a game from the collection.
  • If not added, add it to your library.
  • Attempt the game download.
CE-117773-6 Download PS+ game fix

Buy a Game From the PS Store On Another Device

If none of the other methods have worked, buying a game from the store through the PS Store website or Mobile App can fix the CE-117773-6 error. This can be any free game.

Restore Licenses

As a final method, you can try to restore your PS5 licenses:

  1. Open the Settings menu using the cog wheel on the console’s home screen.
  2. Go to Users and Accounts.
  3. Choose Other.
  4. Select Restore Licenses.
  5. Click on Restore.

If none of the solutions in this article have helped, you may have to contact PlayStation Support to fix this issue.

CE-117773-6 Restore Licenses Fix
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