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How to Fix Apex Legends Game Chat Not Working on Xbox

Good communication is very important in a game like Apex Legends. You want to be able to tell your friends and/or teammates what to do or where an enemy is located. But how do you fix the game chat in Apex Legends if it is not working on Xbox?

If you are an Xbox player you might have been experiencing some issues with chat not working in Apex Legends on the platform.

These types of problems are usually related to either some hardware or software issues. We decided to make a list of the most common fixes to help you out!

Fix Chat Issues in Apex Legends on Xbox

#1. Make Sure Servers Are Online

Sometimes it is just an issue with the servers. So first of all make sure they are working properly. You can do so by visiting Help Center of Apex Legends.

You need to press the Server Status button on the green background in the right top corner of the screen.

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#2. Restart Game and Console

It might sound simple, but often restarting your devices or apps helps. Make sure to restart Apex Legends as well as other devices.

To restart Apex Legends you want to close the app and start it again.

Apart from the game you might want to try restarting your Xbox console, your router and switch devices.

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#3. Clean MAC Address

Game chat issues in Apex Legends can also be caused by your MAC address. To fix that all you need to do is go into Settings Network Network Settings Advanced.

There you will see an option to Clear MAC address. You will need to restart your Xbox when prompted.

#4. Check Your Microphone

There is a chance that a voice chat issue is caused by problems with the controller. In that case make sure your controller microphone or the one in your headphones is working correctly.

In order to check your microphone just create a Party. You do not have to invite anyone. Make sure you are not muted. If you speak you should see a glowing ring around your profile picture. It means your microphone is working correctly.

#5. Reinstall Apex Legends

There is a chance that the issue is caused by corrupted files and settings. There is no easy way of checking it on Xbox. All you can do if you have a fast internet connection is reinstalling the game.

In order to do that you will just need to uninstall Apex Legends and then download it again. You will not lose any progress, because it is saved on the game’s servers. You might want to write down your settings to set it up correctly after reinstallation.

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#6. Contact Apex Legends Help Center

If you are still having issues with the game chat in Apex Legends you might want to report that issue. You can personalize your specific error by choosing the platform where you are playing the game.

Go to the Apex Legends Help Center, choose the appropriate platform and select a topic. It would be either reporting a bug or technical support.

Apex Legends Report Error
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The developers or appropriate parties should reply with some more helpful tips about your specific issue. Hopefully, you resolved the issue quicker and can enjoy the game chat on Xbox in Apex Legends again!

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