The Hogwarts Legacy Helm of Urtkot quest has players undergo a series of trials that lead from The Collector’s Cave to bandit camps to help Ludgok retrieve the helmet.

Thankfully, the quest has plenty of golden coins for players to find and even a new ally to make. Here you’ll find the easiest solutions to every puzzle and a step-by-step guide to completing the quest.

Helm of Urtkot Quest Guide Hogwarts Legacy

The Helm of Urtkot is a quest in which players aid Lodgok in retrieving a sacred goblin relic. The quest can be obtained from Sirona in the Three Broomsticks.

  • Spells Needed:
    • Depulso
    • Incendio or Confringo
  • Important NPCs:
    • Sirona
    • Ludgok
  • Points of Interest:
    • The Three Broomsticks
    • Hog’s Head
    • The Collector’s Cave

To complete the Helm of Urtkot quest in Hogwarts Legacy, follow these steps:

  1. Speak to Sirona & Find Lodgok
  2. Find the Helm of Urtkot in the Collector’s Cave
  3. Find the Bandit Camp & Retrieve Helm of Urtkot

Speak to Sirona & Find Lodgok

  • To unlock The Helm of Urtkot quest, you must complete The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament quest, reach level 12, and learn Depulso before speaking to Sirona.
    • The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament quest is where Professor Moon teaches players how to use Alohomora to open locks around Hogwarts.
    • You can learn Depulso, the Banishing Charm, from Professor Sharp. This assignment is easy enough since it involves using potions.
      • Use 1 Focus Potion.
      • Use a Maxima and Erudus Potion simultaneously.
      • You can purchase all these items at J. Pippin’s Potions in Hogsmeade.
  • Once you’ve satisfied these conditions, head to the Three Broomsticks and speak with Sirona.
  • Sirona will tell you about Lodgok, a goblin friend of hers. Your character will mention wanting to get in touch with Lodgok, and she’ll send you to Hog’s Head. Thankfully, this isn’t too far.
  • Head to the Hog’s Head, west of The Three Broomsticks, and you’ll find Lodgok sitting on a table to the left of the entrance.
Hog's Head
  • Speak to Lodgok, and he’ll ask why he should trust you.
  • Mention that Sirona trusts you, and Lodgok will entrust you with retrieving a sacred goblin relic.
  • Lodgok explains that this relic is the Helm of Urtkot which was stolen by a witch and left inside her tomb.
  • Once the conversation ends, Lodgok will stand up and guide you toward the witch’s tomb. Follow him. It’s just west of Hogsmeade, and once you arrive, you’ll unlock The Collector’s Cave Floo Flame.
Tomb Location

Find Helm of Urtkot in The Collector’s Cave Hogwarts Legacy

Here is how to navigate The Collector’s Cave and solve all the puzzles to find the Helm of Urtkot.

Room #1

  • Enter the cave, and the first obstacle in your path is a moth door that only opens once all three moths have been led to it. Thankfully, this door already has two of the moth in place.
    • This is similar to the moth puzzle mirrors scattered around Hogwarts.
Moth Door
  • Turn to your left and head down the passage. You’ll see the moth resting on a needle. Cast Lumos, and the moth will follow your wand.
Moth Pedestal
  • Lead the moth to the door and stop casting Lumos. The moth will automatically fly into place and unlock the door.
  • Continue to follow the path. Use Revelio to find any loot to earn some quick money.

Room #2

  • Eventually, you’ll come across a circular room with an empty tomb and another moth door. This one is missing all three moths.
2nd Moth Door Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy
  • Two of the moths are in the same room. You’ll see them on a needle pedestal similar to the first one. One is to the left of the tomb, and the other is to the right of it.
  • As you did with the ones before, use Lumos and lead them to the door.
  • The third moth is behind the bent metal doors in the room. Use Depulso to fling the doors open. Other spells won’t work, unfortunately.
Hogwarts Legacy Metal Doors
  • Once the doors are knocked out of the way, you’ll see the moth inside alongside some loot. Use Lumos to guide it to the door and unlock it.

Room #3

  • Continue to follow the path until you reach the next room. This room will contain enemies known as Inferius.
    • Inferius are invulnerable to most types of damage until they are lit on fire. Once on fire, you can use any attack to harm them.
    • Use Confringo, Incendio, and Ancient Magic Throw to use explosive containers around you to defeat the Inferius.
Inferius Enemy
  • Once you’ve defeated all enemies, the path ahead will open up, and you can continue your search for the Helm of Urtkot.

Room #4

  • The path will lead you to another moth door puzzle. This time there is a new mechanism in the middle of the room. We’ll refer to this as a moth wheel.
Moth Wheel and Door
  • Walking up to the mechanism, you’ll notice it has a moth space. Turn around, and you’ll see a moth to the left and right of the entrance you came from.
  • To the east of the moth wheel is a platform.
  • Place one of the moths on the moth door. Use the other moth and place it on the moth wheel. Once you do this, you’ll notice the moth wheel’s wings will rise.
  • Cast Depulso on the moth wheel. It’ll start to turn, and the platform to the east will rise. Keep casting Depulso until the platform locks.
Moth Location and Platform Room 2
  • Walk up to the platform and jump up to climb on it. The third moth is waiting on a pedestal. Cast Lumos and lead it to the door.
  • Go back to the moth wheel, cast Lumos to remove it, and lead it to the door to unlock it.
  • Continue down the path now that the door is open. You’ll see a path to the left and right on your map.
    • The correct path is on the left.
    • The right path leads to another puzzle and a treasure.

Secret Room

  • To obtain more treasure, head right and jump up towards the ledge. Follow this path, and you’ll come across a room with a missing bridge and a chest on the other side.
  • Use Revelio, and you’ll see a few items highlighted in blue. These are bone piles you can use.
Bone Piles Hogwarts Legacy
  • To solve the puzzle, you need to use Depulso and Wingardium Leviosa.
  • Hit the bone piles with Depulso. This will scatter them about. Use Wingardium Leviosa on these and lead them to the entrance of the missing bridge near the two bone totems.
  • The bones should start to spin around. Stop casting your spell, and you’ll see the bones align themselves where the bridge should be.
Bone Bridge Hogwarts Legacy
  • On the ground level of this room, you’ll see two handles. Use Accio to pull them and reveal even more bones. Use Wingardium Leviosa to lead them near the other bone pieces.
Bone Piles Location
  • Now that you have a bone bridge, you can cross to the other side and open the chest.

Room #5

  • After you’ve obtained the chest, head back to where you came from.
  • Once you drop down, keep heading straight into the path ahead.
  • The path will lead you to a room with a hanging crate. Using Depulso to bring the crate down and break the grating on the floor.
Crate Depulso
The crate will be hanging from this mechanism.
  • Before you jump down, there is another metal door to your right that you can cast Depulso to open. You can move a crate with Accio to grab some hidden chests here.

Room #6

  • Now, jump down into the hole in the floor. Make your way through the path to the fourth and final moth door room. Before you can solve the puzzle, you’ll need to defeat the Inferius in the room.
Grating on Floor

Room #7

  • Once you’ve dealt with all the enemies, you’ll need to find all three moths to open the door. In this room, there are a few points of interest you’ll need to take into account.
Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy
On the left is the moth pedestal on which you need to place the second moth. To the right is the moth wheel and the platform you will be using directly in front of it.
  • First, you’ll want to use one of the two moths on the ground floor to power the moth wheel.
    • Cast Lumos to move the moth. Stop casting Lumos to let the moth fall into place.
    • Now you’ll want to take the second moth straight to the door, but you can’t reach it while casting Lumos. Thankfully, there is another way to get the moth up there.
  • Take the second moth and head to the southern section of the room. You’ll see a moth pedestal here. Leave that moth here.
  • Head to the lowered platform in front of the moth wheel and use Depulso to rise. Make sure to elevate the platform to its highest point.
  • Once you’ve completed lifting the platform, quickly make your way toward the direction of the moth pedestal you left the second moth in. This platform rises alongside yours, so it’s possible to use Lumos to grab the moth from where you are. Cast Lumos and lead the moth to the door.
  • The second moth is inside an indent in the wall to the right of the moth door. Cast Lumos and lead it to the door.
Moth Location Final Room
  • The third and final moth is on the other side of your platform. You can jump across or use the moth wheel to grab it easily. Cast Lumos and lead it to the door to finally open it.

Final Room

  • Follow the path, and you’ll finally be face-to-face with the witch’s final resting place.
Witch Tomb Helm of Urtkot
  • Unfortantely, you’ll come to find a dead Ashwinder here instead of the helm.
  • Thankfully, you don’t need to follow the path back to head outside the tomb. Just interact with the flame behind the tomb, and it’ll transport you back to Lodgok.

Find Bandit Camp & Retrieve Helm of Urtkot

  • Tell Lodgok what you’ve found, and he’ll mention a nearby bandit camp.
Bandit Camp Location
  • Head to the bandit camp and defeat all of the enemies there. Use Revelio to highlight the large chest inside the tent.
  • Interact with the chest inside the tent, and you’ll receive the Helm of Urtkot.
Helm of Urtkot Location
  • Head back to Lodgok to complete the Helm of Urtkot quest in Hogwarts Legacy.
Hogwarts Helm of Urtkot Quest Complete

This is just one of the many quests that Hogwarts Legacy has to offer! If you’re on your way to completing them all, then it’s best to learn about rolls and how to maximize your loot!