Players will need to go to the Cozy Lodge and grab some pizza from inside for the latest Fortnite weekly quests – here’s how you do that.

Winterfest 2022 is well underway, and it’s brought with it a number of new additions. From daily free gifts to brand-new outfits, fans can expect to see a more festive side to the island.

Outside of getting those daily free gifts from the Cozy Lodge, you’ll also need to find some tasty pizza. Fortunately, it’s very easy to do.

Where Is the Cozy Lodge in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1?

The Cozy Lodge, also known as the Winterfest Cabin, can be found through the main menu (lobby). You won’t need to play a game of Fortnite to find it.

At the top of the lobby screen, you’ll see a snowflake. To access it and get all the freebies inside, just press RB (on consoles) or click it (on PC).

the Winterfest Cabin location in the lobby in Fortnite

Of course, you should also know how to claim the daily free Winterfest 2022 gifts being handed out in the Cozy Lodge across the next fourteen days.

How to Find Pizza in the Cozy Lodge in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

You will find pizza in the Cozy Lodge in Fortnite on the floor by the sofa. Select it by either hovering over it with your mouse or moving your joystick until it has a white outline.

Pizza appears randomly and may not be there every single day. So, be sure to check back to see if any more have spawned.

To pick up the pizza, simply press X (PlayStation), A (Xbox/Nintendo Switch), or use the left mouse button (PC).

a slice of pizza in the Cozy Lodge in Fortnite

Once you’ve grabbed a tasty slice of pizza, why not learn how to hide inside a snowball in Fortnite to complete another weekly quest?

How to Complete the Cozy Lodge Pizza Weekly Quest in Fortnite

To complete the “Check the Cozy Lodge each day to possibly find a slice of pizza” weekly quest in Fortnite, you need to grab three slices of pizza.

Each slice of pizza you grab will grant you an additional 10,000 XP on top of the 16K XP you’ll get for completing the quest.

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