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Hogwarts Legacy Guide: Solve All Merlin Trials & Find Every Type

Wizarding Expertise: Become a Merlin Trial Maestro in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy contains 94 different Merlin Trials marked by a feather icon on the map.

There are 9 types of Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy, and each of the 94 falls into one of these categories:

  1. Brazier Trial
  2. Five Small Stone Balls Trial
  3. Target Practice Trial
  4. Platforming Trial
  5. Giant Stone Ball Trial
  6. Moth Trial
  7. Matching Symbols Trial
  8. Broken Statues Trial
  9. Large Stone Slab Trial

Doing the Merlin Trials is the only way to increase your gear space. This is helpful, considering having too much gear on you can hurt your loot rolls.

If you don’t see Merlin Trials on your map, you may still need to unlock them by helping out Nora Treadwell.

Brazier Trial

  • Task: Light up three braziers before they submerge into a small pond under each of them
  • Spells Needed: Incendio or Confringo

To complete the brazier task, you’ll need to light up three sinking braziers in your area using Incendio or Confringo.

  • When the task begins, use Revelio to find all three braziers.
    • They are always around the same area you began the Merlin Trial in.
Hogwarts Legacy Brazier Unlit
  • See if any brazier has a higher platform than the others.
    • The braziers are set at different distances from the water ponds under them. The longer the platform, the more time you have to light other braziers before that specific one is submerged.
  • Start with the tallest platform and end with the shortest platform.
  • Light up the brazier using Incendio or Confringo.
Hogwarts Legacy Brazier Trial
  • Once all three braziers are lit up, you’ll get a notification and complete the Merlin Trial.

Five Small Stone Balls Trial

  • Task: Move three groups of five small stone balls to their respective platforms.
  • Spells Needed: Accio or Wingardium Leviosa

To complete the small stone ball trial, you’ll need to use Accio or Wingardium Leviosa on three groups of five stone balls to move and stack them on platforms with four holes.

  • When the task begins, use Revelio to highlight the platforms and the groups of stone balls. They can be well hidden, so make sure to look around the area of the Merlin Trial.
    • There are three groups of stone balls, each with its respective platform.
Five Small Ball Trial
  • Once you’ve located a group of stone balls and a platform, cast Accio or Wingardium Leviosa on the group of balls.
    • Accio might get tricky to navigate, so Wingardium Leviosa is preferred for this task.
  • Navigate them towards the platform with holes.
Small Ball Trial Platform
  • Once the stone balls are above the platform, they will lock into place.
    • Any of the three groups of balls can fit into any of the three platforms. They don’t have a specific one tied to them.
  • Repeat this for the other two groups of stone balls.
  • Once all of the balls are locked into the place, the Merlin Trial is completed.

Target Practice Trial

  • Task: Destroy small stone balls on platforms.
  • Spells Needed: N/A, Basic Spell Cast

To complete the Target Practice trial, you’ll need to destroy several small stone objects on platforms scattered around the Merlin Trial. As you destroy some, more may appear. There is no time limit.

  • Use Revelio to highlight any small platforms in your area. They appear as small statues, but the stone ball at the tip is destructible.
Hogwarts Legacy Target Practice
  • Use your Basic Cast or event Accio to destroy each object sitting on the platforms.
  • When you destroy them, more may appear in the surrounding area.
  • Once you’ve destroyed all of them, you’ll complete the Merlin Trial.

Platforming Trial

  • Task: Jump through a series of stone platforms without touching the ground.
  • Spells Needed: N/A

To complete the Platforming Trial, you’ll need to activate a series of stone platforms by stepping on them without touching the ground.

  • When you activate the Merlin Trial, a series of stone platforms will rise before you.
Merlin Trial Stone Platform
  • Jump onto the lowest platform, and navigate your way onto every platform.
  • When you step on a platform, it’ll get wrapped in vines to signify that it’s been activated.
Hogwarts Legacy Platform
  • Once you’ve stepped on every platform, you’ll complete the Merlin Trial.

Giant Stone Ball Trial

  • Task: Lead a giant stone ball into a platform.
  • Spells Needed: Depulso preferred, Accio manageable

To complete the giant stone ball trial, you’ll need to navigate a large stone ball into a platform on the ground using Accio or Depulso. Accio works, but only if there is no incline. The spell is not powerful enough to pull the large ball up the hill.

  • Use Revelio to highlight the giant stone ball and its platform. Usually, they’ll both be within distance of your Revelio.
    • The platform is a large hole in the ground covered in stone.
Hogwarts Legacy Large Ball Platform
  • Once you’ve located the large ball and the platform it belongs in, use Depulso to push the ball towards the platform.
  • At times, you’ll find the platform first. Usually, a path here leads to the ball at a different location.
Large Ball Merlin Trial
  • When you place the giant ball into the platform, the Merlin Trial is completed.

Moth Trial

  • Task: Lead three different groups of moths to an empty stone lantern.
  • Spells Needed: Lumos

To complete the Moth Trial, you’ll need to use Lumos to guide a flock of moths to an empty stone lantern.

  • Use Revelio to highlight any task items you’ll need. The moth flocks are usually spread out, so they’re easy to spot from a distance.
Moth Trial
Left: Moth Flock / Right: Empty lantern
  • Once you’ve located the moths and their destinations, use Lumos to guide them to the stone lanterns slowly.
Moth Flock Lumos
  • If you accidentally stop using Lumos, the moths will stay in place, so just cast it again to catch their attention.
  • Once all three lanterns are lit by the moths, the Merlin Trial is completed.
Moth Lantern Hogwarts Legacy

Matching Symbols Trial

  • Task: Match up three stone columns with the correct symbols.
  • Spells Needed: Flipendo

To complete the Matching Symbols trial, you’ll need to use Flipendo on three cubes and match their symbol to the column below them.

  • Use Revelio to spot the three stone columns around the Merlin Trial.
    • Each column has a symbol with a triangle pointing down to it and a cube with symbols above it.
  • Use Flipendo to move the cube around until the symbol matches the one displayed on the column.
Hogwarts Legacy Matching Symbol Trial
  • Once all three columns are aligned with their cube, the Merlin Trial is completed.

Broken Statues Trial

  • Task: Repair four broken statues around the area.
  • Spells Needed: Reparo

You’ll need to repair three statues around the Merlin Trial area to complete this trial. These statues will appear whole at first and then break.

  • Four statues will appear and shatter near the Merlin Trial when you first begin the trial.
  • Navigate to each of these piles of rubble, and use Reparo to fix each statue.
Broken Statue Trial
  • After each statue is repaired, vines will ensnare it to signify completion.
  • Once all four statues are fixed, the Merlin Trial is completed, and you’ll see a prompt.
Hogwarts Legacy Repaired Statue

Large Stone Slabs Trial

  • Task: Destroy five large stone slabs.
  • Spells Needed: Confringo or Bombarda

To complete the large stone slab trial, you’ll need to use Confringo or Bombarda to destroy each slab. Unfortunately, the Basic Cast and Incendio spells will not work.

  • When you initiate the Merlin Trial, you’ll see large stone slabs scattered around. Each slab has green jewels in the middle. This allows you to spot them easily.
Hogwarts Legacy Stone Slab Merlin Trial
  • Aim at the large slabs with your wand and cast Confringo or Bombarda. This will destroy them.
  • Once you have destroyed all five slaps, the Merlin Trial is completed.
  • If you have trouble finding the slab, use Revelio. It will usually highlight all five since they are around the area.

All Merlin Trials Locations

There are over 94 different Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy. Thankfully, YouTuber HarryNinetyFour has found them all and compiled them into one helpful video.

It’s also helpful to wait until you obtain your broom in Hogwarts Legacy to navigate the map more easily.

You can see the entire video here:

You’ll likely encounter a few Treasure Vaults while hunting down all of the Merlin Trials. Make sure you know how to solve each Treasure Vault to ensure you’re getting all the legendary chests.

How to Unlock Merlin Trials

The Trials of Merlin are available shortly after meeting Natty Onai outside Hogwarts for a conversation.

  • As you wrap up your conversation with Natty, players will hear a woman exclaim in a nearby camp.
  • Head towards the camp, and you’ll see Nora Treadwell arguing with some Ashwinders.
  • The Ashwinders will turn their attention towards you, and a small battle will begin with Nora Treadwell helping you.
  • Defeat the Ashwinders, and Nora will tell you about her research on the Merlin Trials.
  • Here you will help her complete your very first Merlin Trial.
  • Light up all three braziers using Incendio before they submerge to complete the Merlin Trial.
  • Once you complete this first trial, Nora will explain that you need to use Mallowsweet Leaves to open Merlin Trials.
    • Thankfully, these sprout in the wild and are available for purchase at The Magic Neep In Hogsmeade.
  • Merlin Trials will now appear around your map as a feather icon.
Hogwarts Legacy Trials of Merlin Quest Location
Trials of Merlin quest location.

You’ll also need a good selection of available spells to complete these trials. It’s helpful to learn about all the different spells in Hogwarts Legacy and how they can aid you while exploring.

How to Initiate a Merlin Trial

Merlin Trials appear as a spiraled stone circle. All you need to do is throw Mallowsweet Leaves onto the circle to initiate the trial. Once the trial starts, you’ll see an object in your area highlighted in blue.

You’ll need to use this object to solve the puzzle and complete the trial. Thankfully, it’s easy to gather all the trial materials, but solving the puzzle is where it can get tricky.

  • Head to any of the Feather icons on your map. If you highlight it, it’ll display that it is a Merlin Trial.
  • Once you reach the Merlin Trial, you’ll see a stone circle spiraling into a smaller circle.
  • Walk up to the Merlin Trial circle and interact with it using its prompt.
    • You’ll need Mallowsweet Leaves, or you can’t interact with the Merlin Trial.
Merlin Trial Stone Circle
  • Your character will throw the Mallowsweet Leaves on the circle, and it’ll light up green with magic.

This signals the beginning of the Merlin Trial.

It’s helpful to obtain plenty of Mallowsweet Leaves before you head out to activate any trials you may find. Thankfully, there are ways to gather up large amounts of Mallowsweet Leaves without breaking a sweat.

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