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How to Find Quarry Operations Folder in DMZ Warzone 2

Players must unlock the Crane Control Room in Al-Safwa Quarry to find the Quarry Operators Folder. The Crane Control Room is located on B3 of the Warzone 2 tac-map.

If you reach B3 in Al-Safwa Quarry, you’ll see a crane in the distance. Head towards the crane; under it, you’ll find a door into the Crane Control Room that you can unlock.

Players need to find a key to the Crane Control Room to access it. Without it, the room will remain locked.

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Quarry Operations Folder

Players can find the Crane Control Room Key randomly while playing DMZ or receive a guaranteed key as a reward for completing the Tier 3 Black Mous Faction Mission Quick and Dirty.

Thankfully, the Quick and Dirty lives up to its name. Once players accept the contract, they’ll see a high-value target highlighted on the map. The goal is to eliminate that target within 2 minutes. Once players eliminate that target, they’ll be rewarded with the Crane Control Room Key.

Once you have the key, you’ll be able to enter the room. The Quarry Operations Folder will be on the floor near a control system. Interact with it, and it’ll be added to your inventory.

Now, all players must do to complete the Tier 3 White Lotus Unearthed Faction Mission is extracting with the Quarry Operations Folder.

If a player accidentally sells the Operation Folder before extracting with it, they’ll need to head back to the Crane Control Room during a new DMZ match.

Once you’ve completed the Faction Mission, don’t forget to check Building 21 to see when it’s coming back.

Operations Folder

What Is the Quarry Operations Folder?

The Quarry Operations Folder is a DMZ item that players need to extract to complete the Tier 3 White Lotus Faction Mission Unearthed.

Players can also sell the operations folder for $1,000 at Buy Station 2.0. To complete the Faction Mission, players need to have it active on their mission list.

If you find a Quarry Operations Folder on another player’s body, the best thing to do is sell it since it has no value without the mission active.

This is not the best way to obtain cash in Warzone 2 or DMZ. It’s more efficient to find the hidden cache scattered around Al Mazrah to earn thousands in cash quickly.

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